Swim America Advancement Goals



Welcome to the Swim America Advancement Goals page! Below you will find a breakdown of how each level works in our program. Every level will build off of skills learned from the previous level. You will find that even after a swimmer moves on from a level, they will continue to work on certain skills learned in previous levels to reinforce good habits. For kids brand new to SWAT Swim America, they will be evaluated on day 1 and then placed into the appropriate level. If you as a parent/guardian ever have questions about your child’s placement or progress in a certain level, please find one of the on deck supervisors. We will be happy to help you out! 


Level 1:

Level 1 consists of getting brand new swimmers comfortable being in the water with an instructor. This station consists of water games and activities to assist with getting comfortable. Once the instructor feels confident in the swimmer's ability and the swimmer is able to complete 10 consecutive bobs, they will move onto level 2. 


Level 2:

Level 2 consists of learning to float on both the stomach and back. Instructors will work with the swimmers on tips and tricks for floating. In order to pass this level, the swimmer will need to float on their stomach for 5 seconds without instructor assistance and float on their back for 5 seconds without instructor assistance. 


Level 3:

Level 3 builds off level 2 and has 2 new very important skills to be learned. In level 3 swimmers will learn how to streamline and properly kick. These 2 skills are important and necessary for every single level moving forward. With that being said, it is common for kids to spend a little extra time in level 3. In order to pass level 3 the swimmer will need to demonstrate flutter kicking on their back in a streamline 10 yards out and 10 yards back. They will need to repeat this same process on their stomach. 


Level 4:

Level 4 is an exciting level for the kids as we begin to learn freestyle, also known as the front crawl! Learning freestyle is broken down into level 4 and level 5, with level 4 being the beginners freestyle. In this level we will fine tune the flutter kick and introduce what we call the “breathing arm” and the “bubble arm”. To successfully pass this level swimmers will need to swim 10 yards out and 10 yards back demonstrating proficient flutter kick and beginner level arm strokes. 


Equipment Utilized: Kickboards (provided)


Level 5:

Level 5 builds off of the skills learned in level 4. With a base knowledge of freestyle, we work on drills and techniques to perfect the arm stroke of freestyle. Swimmers will now be swimming full lengths of the pool (25 yards)! In order to pass level 5 swimmers will need to demonstrate 25 yards of proficient freestyle. 


Equipment Utilized: Kickboards/Fins (provided)


Level 6:

Level 6 introduces the backstroke while continuing to reinforce good habits from previous levels. Swimmers already know how to float and kick on their back, now we teach the arm stroke. In order to pass level 6 swimmers will need to demonstrate 25 yards of backstroke. After passing level 6 swimmers are eligible to attend a tryout for the SWAT competitive swim team. (Tryouts will be held during scheduled lesson time).


 Equipment Utilized: Kickboards/Fins (provided)


Level 7:

Level 7 introduces the Breastroke kick. The Breastroke kick is a complex motion that can be difficult for some swimmers. There are lots of steps to learn for this kick and we utilize a crawl, walk and run sequence. The kids first learn the motion of the kick  To complete level 7 swimmers will need to demonstrate 25 yards of intermediate Breastroke kick using a kickboard. 


Equipment Utilized: Kickboards/Pull Buoys (provided)


Level 8:

In level 8 we teach Breastroke arms. Breastroke arms are paired with the same kick taught in level 7 to complete the breastroke. In order to pass level 8, swimmers will need to demonstrate 25 yards of the full breastroke sequence including kick and arm pull.


Level 9:

Level 9 introduces the butterfly stroke. Butterfly can be a difficult stroke to learn. We utilize many different drills in order to find what works best for the swimmer who is learning. In order to pass level 9 swimmers will need to swim 25 yards of butterfly.


Equipment Utilized: Kickboards/Fins (provided)


Level 10:

Level 10 is the final level in our swim america program. This is where we introduce many aspects of competitive swimming such as… diving off the blocks, flip turns, underwater kicking etc. This is a great level for kids interested in the SWAT swim team to prepare for competitive swimming. To officially pass level 10 kids are required to swim a 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke and 100 Individual Medley (25yd of each stroke). 


Equipment Utilized: Kickboards/Fins/Pull Buoys


“Schrank Status”:

After passing all 10 levels of Swim America we will award the swimmer with Schrank Status. This is new to lessons this year and was created in honor of Coach Dale Schrank. Coach Dale, the founder of the Southwest Aquatic Team unfortunately passed away in November of 2021.