College Swimmers/SWAT Alumni-:  September to May 1

Link to register for Summer 2020 (available March 2020)



We are always happy to welcome back our former SWAT swimmers to train with the team during their college breaks from September thru April.  There is no charge for doing so as long as the requirements below are met:

• Swimmer must have current years USA-Swimming Registration to swim. SWAT Office can take care of this registration prior to break if you contact us at least 10 days in advance and send fee for current years registration. 2020= $75  Expires 12/31/2020

Club Transfer

• Swimmer must contact the SWAT Office:  [email protected]  in advance to clarify what dates they will be  attending SWAT practices. Swimmers will be expected to participate in the team’s workout. Workout needs different than the scheduled practice must be cleared with the senior coach to make sure lanes are available. Swimmers should try to arrive and leave during the normal schedule practice times to avoid as much disruption during practices as possible.

• Swimmers family account should be up to date, with no outstanding balances from previous season.

Summer Long Course

During the summer months SWAT Alumni completing at least their first year of college, will need to register on our team unify online registration, prior to entering the water. Our college  level SWAT Alumni have a very reasonable session fee. I f you are planning to do meets, you will need to add to the session fee and create an escrow account. Attending meets with the team is not mandatory but we highly encourage participation in any qualifying meets you may have qualifying times for.
Swimmer will need current years USA-Swim Registration before entering the water.

College Swimmers can train with any of the senior groups that best fit their schedule.


SWAT has a reciprocity program that allows a visiting swimmer to train with us at no charge for a period not exceeding 7 days. 

Visiting swimmers must provide an emailed scan of current USA Swimming membership to office manager at email below.

Visiting swimmer should contact office manager in advance to confirm expected training dates and confirm group level swimmer will train with. 

SWAT Officer Manager: Cindy Budnik [email protected] or 262-679-7928