Registration Groups for Competitve Program (order by entry level to most advanced)

8&Under Groups

Silver 8-Novice Entry Level -Age 5-8 years old
Gold 8 -  Mid Level -Age 5-8
Platinum 8-Highest Level of 8 & Under team

9-12 Novice Groups
Age Group Bronze- Novice Entry Level Age 9 to 12
Age Group Silver- Mid Level Novice - Age 9 to 12

9-12 Advanced
Age Group Gold 
Age Group Platinum-Highest Level of 9-12 year old team

13/14 Junior Group
Junior Gold - 13/14 year olds with some to mid level swim experience
Junior Platinum-Highest Level of 13/14 year old team

15 & Over Senior Team
Senior Gold
Senior Platinum- Highest Level of 15 & Over year old team

15 & Over Stay In Shape 
This program is offered in the summer session for HS swimmers who want to stay in shape by working out 3 times per week with our Senior Gold team.  

For more information about fees and registering for a specific group, please refer to our home page under EVENTS to view registration options that are currently open.