Questions regarding SWAT logo items or team equipment, contact:

Holly Davis:  rbosdavis@gmail.com414-426-8323



The cost of a suit was included in your registration fees. The suit will be ordered online at no cost by the parents. Follow instructions on the website below. Suits need to be ordered by September 28th, 2019. 



Personalized caps are only ordered in September (Fall Session) and March (Spring Session). Details will be emailed to the membership when ordering becomes available.


The standard red SWAT meet cap can be purchased through Holly Davis at any time.


SWAT practice caps are available in 4 colors (purple, pink, lime green or navy blue).  They are only to be worn at practice, not at meets.  The cost is $6 each and are available for purchase through Holly Davis.



SWAT is an A3 Performance Sponsored Team. SWAT swimmers are encouraged to purchase A3 Performance Products when ordering suits, goggles and training equipment. Below is a list of swimming suits, caps and equipment required by the team.

To order practice and competition equipment please follow the link The A3 Performance Store is located in 300 Chaffee Rd in Oconomowoc, WI. They also attend a variety of local meets and have an online store.

A3 Performance can be reached at 262-244-0442 or email them at To access A3 Performance online: go to, sign in or create account for future purchases.

Practice Equipment

Practice suits: Swimmer's may wear any color, style and brand of suit for practices.

Swim Caps: It is required that anyone with long hair wear a swim cap during practice. Swimmers are encouraged to wear SWAT caps at practice.

SWAT A3 Training Equipment Packages- When calling A3 Performance to order equipment packages please refer to your training group name to get a equipment package (ex AG Bronze Team).
1). Silver 8’s, Golden 8’s & Platinum 8's:  Mesh Bag, Swim Fins, kickboard 

2). AG Bronze:  Mesh Bag, Swim Fins, kickboard 

3). AG Silver:  Mesh Bag, Swim fins, kickboard, pull buoy, water bottle 

4). AG Gold & AG Platinum:  Mesh Bag, Swim fins, kickboard, pull buoy, paddles, water bottle 

5). Junior Gold & Platinum:  Mesh Bag, Hydro Fins or A3 short fins (long fins can be trimmed short), kickboard, pull buoy, Stroke Maker hand paddles, water bottle

6)  Senior Gold:  Mesh Bag, Hydro Fins or A3 short fins (long fins can be trimmed short), kickboard, pull buoy, Stroke Maker hand paddles, water bottle, and parachute (yellow if swimmer weighs less than 140 pounds, blue if over 140 pounds)

7). Senior Platinum:  Mesh Bag, Short Blade Fins (you may cut off long fins that you currently have) Kickboard, Pull-Buoy, Snorkel, Noseclip (if you use one, we recommend "performance wire nose clip"), Finis tempo trainer, Water Bottle, Running Shoes (for dry-land), parachute (12"), Paddles* (what you have now will work through LC 2018).

Competition Equipment

SWAT Swim Meet Caps: Are required at all swim meets (Red cap with white/blue logo) and are available for purchase from the Team Gear Coordinator, Holly Davis. There are two types:  latex ($5.00) or silicone ($15.00).  Silicone is a stronger cap and is recommended for girl's with long hair.

SWAT Personalized Swim Meet Caps: SWAT personalized swim caps (with the swimmer's name on the side of the cap) is offered once in the fall and once in the spring due to quantity requirements(minimum 50 caps to order)  A notice and order form will go out to the club via Team Unify communicating that personalized swim cap orders are now being accepted along with a deadline.

SWAT A3 Competition Team Suit Pricing
A3 X-Back Poly Solid: $48.00

A3 Sprint Back Poly Solid: $48.00

A3 Flash Back Poly Solid: $48.00

A3 Jammer Poly: $38.00

A3 Brief Poly: $32.00


A3 Performance Stealth (Championship Meet Suits)

Please consult with your group's coach prior to ordering a Championship Meet Suit.

A3 Female Stealth Closed Back: $99.00

A3 Female Legend Powerback: $279.25

A3 Male Stealth Jammer: from $69.00

A3 Legend Jammer: $183.25