Fall 2020

Our pool availability for fall is great between Watertown and Waterloo.  However, due to COVID restrictions, Coach Carl is having to customize practice schedules based as much as possible to keep our numbers to our limits.  Please contact Coach Carl [email protected].  

Despite the customized schedules, swimmers can expect the following number of weekly hours for practice:  


Copper - 2 hours/week

Bronze - 3 hours/week

Silver - 4 hours/week

Gold - 5 hours/week



There are weeks where WAT will host "extra" practice.  These are at an extra cost, not included in the session fee.  Swimmers MUST register online (through the website) for the practice.  Swimmers will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis until the limit is hit.  Swimmers MUST be registered for the current WAT session to attend an "extra" practice.