Wisconsin Swimming

Who Are We?

Vision: Inspire and educate young swimmers in the pool and in life.  

Mission: To embrace all levels of swimmers; to develop the character and self-discipline necessary to succeed not only in swimming, but also in life away from the pool.  

Our Training Philosophy:  Focusing on equal parts of technique, endurance, and strength, the WAT coaching staff recognizes and embraces all swimmers and adapts training to best meet the needs at each level while throwing in some fun for good measure along the way. 

Team Core Values: 

* Integrity
* Family
* Attitude
* Ambition/Work Ethic
* Fitness
* Self-Confidence
* Discipline
* Teamwork
* Time Management
* Dedication
* Goal Setting
* Courage
* Sportsmanship
* Skills Improvement
* Respect


Our History:  Competitive swimming has existed in some from in Watertown since 1934.  The “Summer League” team lasted until the mid-1970’s.  During the ‘swimming boom’ of the early and mid-1960’s, parents who desired year-round competitive swimming for their children were forced (by necessity) to drive many miles to practice sessions and meets.  During the year 1974, our community came together in support of the indoor pool project at the junior high school.  Construction was completed in 1976, with financial help from the local industry & business communities, the school district and private sources.  Shortly thereafter, a group of local families joined together and obtained a sanction from the A.A.U. (then the official sanctioning body of the United States amateur swimming).

WAT was granted team status in 1977.  We have remained a not-for-profit organization ever since.  We receive a subsidy from the city of pool time and rely on club dues, sponsoring meets, private donations and fund-raising activities to cover our expenses.  

In summer 2009, a group of parents launched a capital campaign to make improvements to the indoor pool.  The goal of the campaign was to raise money to purchase equipment that supports competitive swimming.  The campaign was a success!  Combined with the efforts of the City of Watertown, Watertown Unified School District and the Watertown Athletic Booster Club, business donations and private donors we now have an excellent indoor facility that supports competitive swimming.


WAT is a non-profit organization, which is organized through the cooperation of the Coaches, swimmers, parents, Watertown Park and Recreation Department, and the Watertown Unified School District.  


We are extremely fortunate to swim in the pool at Riverside Middle School!


Please feel free to contact any of the Coaches & Board of Directors throughout the season with questions, comments, and ideas.