Wisconsin Swimming

Senior Platinum Expectations

Platinum Prep Expectations

Platinum Age Group Expectations

General EXPECTATIONS of ALL WYNS swimmers

  • Arrive at practice on time in appropriate clothing and equipment.

  • Dryland-Shoes and Shorts

  • Swimming-Suits, goggles and caps

  • Bring a water bottle to practice (we prefer water to sports drink).

  • Have a positive attitude toward coaches and teammates

  • Use appropriate language i.e.,  non-discriminatory, no swearing etc.

  • No “I can’t”, “Why do we have to..."

  • Have goals and understand what it takes to reach them.

  • Trust the coach and understand there is a clear developmental progression to success.

  • Don’t compare your times to those of others

  • Respect the facility



  • Support your swimmer

  • See the 10 commandments of swimming

  • Parents are not to come on deck

  • Viewing practice should be done from the bleachers or viewing windows.

  • Parents should not communicate with their swimmers during practice.  If the coach feels they need your help with a situation they will ask you.

  • Let the Coach 'coach'

    • Understand there is a progression to our skills and don’t interfere with that progression

    • Don’t compare your swimmer to other swimmers

    • Stress goals and improving times not beating other swimmers

  • Understand physical maturation and the importance it has on development

  • Every swimmer begins with a set of skills and body type.  Our goal is to provide each swimmer with what they need to reach their own potential.

  • Bring your swimmer to practice on time

  • Bring your swimmer to meets on time

  • Supply your swimmer with appropriate nutrition

    • Water bottle for practice

    • Protein snack after; chocolate milk is ideal

  • Register your swimmer for the meets on time

  • Volunteer to help in other areas of need on the team

  • Respect coaches and understand who to contact for what:

  • Contact the coach about your child’s progression

  • Contact Coach Abby about any financial questions or concerns

  • Feel free to reach out with any parenting questions or concerns

  • Look at the meet schedule and plan accordingly.  It is important to give your swimmer a chance to show off what they have been working so hard on.

Thanks for helping make this a great experience for you and your swimmers!!

WYNS is strong, growing, and committed to helping swimmers achieve their goals!!