Wisconsin Swimming

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WYNS Progression and Team Structure

Our levels and structure are based on the WYNS mission of providing opportunities for every member to reach his/her potential at each stage of development; giving swimmers of all ages the opportunity to improve swimming skills.  You can find the WYNS Progression on our website under the TEAM tab.

Swim Caps and Suits

We will be providing all the swimmers with one silicone WYNS cap.  The cap will be silver with an all blue WYNS logo. There will be opportunities to order additional caps throughout the year.  These caps can be personalized and the logo will be the 4 color logo as seen on our website. Swimmers are required to wear team caps at swim meets. We are encouraging all WYNS swimmers to wear black suits if possible.  I understand everyone has different preferences about suit styles and I want everyone to be comfortable so we are not requiring everyone to purchase the same suit however if given the option we just ask that you choose a black suit so we can match as best as possible.  Some parents have asked me for recommendations for a suit. Here are a few of my thoughts;


  • Practice Suit

Swimmers can really wear any suit for practice.  The Poly Suits, ie. Endurance Suits are great for maintaining suit life but not good for racing because of the thicker material.  


  • Meet Suits

All material on a race suit must be permeable that means no buttons, zippers, snaps, etc.  Both boys and girls must have suits that do not go past their knees. Sometimes when suits get wet they stretch so just be aware how far down your child’s suit goes. Any non poly tight fitting black suit that meets these requirements will be just fine for swim meets.


  • Race Suits

If you are looking for a good quality “race” suit that is a more affordable tech suit but great for in season meets a I would recommend the Aqua Blade  or TYR Fusion.


Here is a good explanation of what a tech suit is.  If you have any questions about tech suits and if it is appropriate for your child to have a tech suit please feel free to reach out to me.  


I do not recommend that swimmers that have achieved state cuts wear a tech suit for anything but Championship Meets.  At the end of each season swimmers in the Silver, Gold and Platinum groups will choose a meet to be their “Rest” or “Taper” meet ie. Sectionals, State, Nationals.  Ideally, Tech Suits should be reserved for these types of meet(s) where you want that extra boost. I also do not recommend that families spend a lot of money on tech suits for swimmers that are 12 and Under.  In fact many states are banning Tech Suits for swimmers 12 and under. We want your swimmers to learn the value of hard work and want them to know their achievements are because of their work not because of a swimsuit.




There is not a required number of practices each level must attend, but there is a limit to the number of practices a week each level can attend (see our practice schedule on our website www.swimwyns.com).  We do encourage swimmers to attend as many practices as possible though because this will allow the swimmer to continue to learn and grow their swimming skills.


Swimmers in Novice thru Blue only need a swimsuit, cap and goggles.  Swimmers in Bronze thru Gold and Platinum have specific equipment requirements.  Please refer to the WYNS Progression to find out equipment requirements.


Swimmers are not required to attend meets.  However, if you are unsure of when to attend a meet please reach out to the coaches.  Our Home Meets are often a good place to start as then all friends and coaches will be there to encourage and cheer on the swimmers.  Meets are listed on our website under the EVENT tab. When looking at the event you will see recommended levels and whether is is a USA meet which would require USA swimming registration.  


First Swim Meet:

This is a great video that gives good information about what to expect at your first swim meet.  First Meet Informational Youtube Video


Coaches at the meet:

With the opportunities to participate in meets throughout the season, a variety of coaches will be at the meet. It may not be the coach you have during your practice. In the email sent out prior to the meet, the coaches who will be there are listed. If you are not familiar with the coach, please introduce yourself, your child, etc. The coach will have a WYNS shirt with COACH on the back.


Home Meet Volunteer Requirement:

Please refer to our policy located under the TEAM tab on our website.  On the day of the meet, when you arrive for your volunteer shift, please check in with our volunteer coordinator who is typically located by the pool office.  There are typically emails prior to the meet with additional information.


Who Do I Contact?

  • For questions about team registration, fees, events etc please feel free to reach out to our Team Admins at [email protected]  

  • For general parent questions reach out to our parent liaison

  • For specific coaching questions please either speak directly to your child’s coach or you may contact our head coach Mike McQueen at [email protected]