Wisconsin Swimming

WYNS Billing Policy

  • Monthly payments will be automatically billed, on the first of each month, to the credit/debit card or ACH account that you are required to have on your WYNS TeamUnify Account. 

  • When registering for a new season you will be billed the first month's fees when you register.

  • If you are joining after the 15th of the month your WYNS TeamUnify account will be credited for 50% of the first month’s charge.  If you are registering prior to the 15th then you will be charged for a full month’s participation fees.

  • A one time $20 Administrative Fee will be charged when you register for the season. 

  • You are expected to pay any invoiced fees in full on the first of each month.  If a credit/debit card expires or is declined you are required to update the card immediately and billing will be submitted again. 

  • If your swimmer chooses to leave before the end of the season, please contact our Team Admin at [email protected] so your account can be suspended and if appropriate a credit can be placed on your account (we do not refund money, we only credit by ½ month).  

  • If you qualify for a YMCA Community Supported Membership the same level of assistance will apply for your WYNS monthly participation fees.

  • When attending a swim meet appropriate charges will be placed onto your WYNS TeamUnify account and billed to the credit/debit card or the ACH you have on your account on the 1st of the month with the regular participation fees.

  • You are encouraged to log into your WYNS Team Unify account on a regular basis to monitor any charges placed onto your account.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

  • If you are paying using a credit or debit card a 2.95% processing fee and a $0.30 per transaction fee will be charged at the time of billing.  If you are paying via ACH a $1.25 per transaction fee will be charged at the time of billing.  These fees are charged by and paid to TeamUnify when payments are processed. 

  • For any meets that are 50 or more miles away a $15 per swimmer Travel Expense will be charged.  This will be invoiced to accounts at the same time as the other meet fees.   


Updated by: Abby Tesch  8/10/22