WBSC 2022 Fall Session Registration

September 9th - November 30th (12 weeks)



**Dryland is an additional fee of $100 for those wishing to participate (groups Gold and above).

***HS Stay in Shape group does not compete in meets.  Please select AAU option in Registration.  If you decide in the future you want to swim in meets you will need to pay the USA fee.  The AAU is not refundable or applied to the USA Fee.

USA /AAU FEES are mandatory for each swimmer. This annual fee runs Sept 1st - Aug 31st and provides insurance for all swimmers under its umbrella. Swimmers who have not registered before 9/1/19 will pay this fee ($72).   USA Fees are for swimmers who will compete in meets.  AAU is for swimmers not competing in meets.


1. There will be a $25 LATE FEE for returning members who do not register by 9/9/19.

There will be a $25 LATE FEE for returning or new members who do not submit payment for past due amounts and the initial payment amount by 9/15/19.

2.  All 1st payment and past due invoices are due by 9/15/19.

TWO PAYMENT PLANS:  the second payment invoice will be sent out on 10/1/19 and will be due on 10/15/19.  

Payments received after the due dates will incur a $5 late fee.   

3.  Before the beginning of the sessions, families are required to choose the meets that their swimmer(s) will participate.  Meets will be posted on the club website and will include the meet date(s) and all important information.  Once swims are reserved online, you are financially responsible for those swims.  Swim meet bills are sent out once per month and are billed usually after the meet has occurred.

All the swim meets will be posted online and must be signed up for by the given deadline!  Each event states which season the meet falls in.  If you know for sure you are going to be swimming in the winter you need to reserve your swims now!  If you don’t know yet, please do not reserve or you will be billed if your swims are not filled.  You may only swim meets in which your child will be registered for.  All meet entry fees are subject to a $1 administrative fee per event.

4.  If you need to withdraw your swimmer from a future meet, contact Head Coach.  Every attempt will be made to “sell” your swims to another swimmer; however, if they are not picked up by someone else, you will still be financially responsible. 

5.  If you would like to get into a meet after the registration deadline /has passed, contact Head Coach.

6.  Verbal meet entries will not be accepted.  All requests must be made in writing on the website.

7.   A3 team suit, cap, and shirt will be required for all swim meets. Any event in which your child is required to be on the podium they MUST be in West Bend Swim Club attire.

8.  Registration fees can be paid online with a charge card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), placed in the drop box at the high school, or by one of the following methods sent to the club PO Box:

·         Check

·         Cashier's check or

·         Money order made out to the West Bend Swim Club

·         Cash will not be accepted.

9.  The West Bend Swim Club does not issue refunds for club registrations fees, USA Swimming Registration or team apparel.  If a medical condition arises, a doctor's excuse is required and will be considered for refund based on a vote by the Board. In any other situation, a credit will be considered for the family account from the date of the doctor's notice.  The credit can be used for future swim fees that had been assigned or for merchandise/equipment/apparel sold by the club.