We hope this will help you as you get started on our team and/or in the sport of swimming!


New Family Information:

What do we need to get started (video)?

Team suits will be available on our Team Store at select times during the year.  Swimmers will need a team suit and team cap for swim meets.  For practice suits we recommend any "grab bag" suit (discounted competition swim suit), and save the team suit for meets.

Team caps are available at the beginning of each session and are customizable with the swimmer's last name, and all times at the pool office (without customization).


FALL 2022! We are excited to get started this fall, and are looking forward to getting to know you and your swimmer(s).  I have some information for you below to help you get started this fall.  Please let us know if you have any questions. 

Note: as we start to set our meet schedule and add the swim meets to the website you will get notified by email for each one.  This can seem overwhelming, but we will help you as we get started with our parent meetings and Open House.  And after that if you have questions you can always stop in before or after practices to talk to a coach or email your coach (coach information will be coming soon so you know who will be coaching your swimmer and have their contact information).

FALL 2022 OPEN HOUSE: September 6 during practice times.  Simply Swimming will be on site for you to purchase practice equipment, suits, goggles and more.  If you'd like to get your items before September 6 you can call Simply Swimming and they can ship directly to you (they are located in Middleton).   

No need to sign up in advance, just join us online and we will help to get you started with the swim team! You have two meetings to choose to from this season, please try to attend at least one: 

Monday, August 15, 7:00 PM AND/OR Sunday, September 11, 7:00 PM.   

Link to meetings:   meet.google.com/odi-wodn-pfq

PRACTICE SCHEDULE: This page on the website is a good resource, practice schedule updates and changes will be posted here:  https://www.teamunify.com/team/wswest/page/registration-info1/practice-schedules


On Deck App: Download our app that is linked to our website.  It is called OnDeck by TeamUnify.  You will need our team code: wswest and your website log in user name and password to access your information on the app.  The app can be used to access event information, sign up for meets, job worker sign up, and more!


Preparing for a Swim Meet:

How to Sign Up for a Meet Using the OnDeck app

How to Sign up for a Meet Using your home PC

How to Read a Heat Sheet

Guidelines for Going on the Road

Tech Suit Restrictions for 12 & U Swimmers (effective September 1, 2020)

12 & Under Tech Suit Guide

USA Swimming IMX/IMR Programs



Benefits of Chocolate Milk

Swimmer Nutrition

Top 30 Foods for Swimmers

Before Morning Practice Breakfast

USADA Nutrition Guide Brochure

Before Morning Practice Breakfast

Carbohydrate Loading

Nutrition to Train With

Four Myths Parents Need to Know About Supplements


Swimmer Development and Progression:

Season Planning - The Key to Peak Performance

Season Planning/Taper Notes for Swimmers and Parent

What is Taper?

Should Age Groupers Do Weight Training

Moving On to a New Coach


Mental Training:

         Do You Get Too Nervous?  Dr. Alan Goldberg

         Do You Lack Self-Confidence? Dr. Alan Goldberg

         Do You Perform Better in Practice? Dr. Alan Goldberg