Effective 1/16/2013

Our team is always looking for parents to get involved as an official.  No previous swimming experience is required; the clinics will teach you everything you need to know.  Minimum age is 18 years old.

More information on becoming an official can be found on Wisconsin Swimming.

You will get reimbursed $100 per season ($200 per year) for your first year off officiating to cover the below expenses and other expenses for meet apparel, etc.  This will be reimbursed at the end of each season after you have worked your shifts as an official.  (These shifts count towards your required number of shifts for your family.)  For your second and subsequent years, the reimbursement is $50 per season ($100 per year).

Link to registration form and more information on becoming an official.

An online test is required after completing the clinic, and then you will be required to shadow another official for your first meets.

Apprentice Policy for Officials

What you have to pay:

$25 Clinic Fee

$57 Non-Athlete Registration with USA Swimming

$39 Background check (through USA Swimming website), and is reimbursable from Wisconsin Swimming.  Reimbursement requests for background check should be submitted to Pat Lewno, LSC Treasurer, 5330 Linden Circle, Racine, WI, 53406.

Wisconsin Swimming provides you with a polo shirt and name badge.

We don’t have the schedule of training clinics that will be offered this spring yet, but we will get that information out as soon as we get it.

Becoming a Starter/Ref and why you should do it!

The next step after becoming a stroke and turn official is to work towards becoming a starter/ref. 

We realize that there is an additional time commitment required for this process and we would like to give parents an incentive to make this commitment.  Once you are certified as a starter/ref our team will credit your account for $50 per shift, for every shift over the shift requirement each season.  This is a great way to help pay your child’s swim fees for the following season, and a way to show our appreciation for all of your hard work and extra time.  For example, this season the required number of shifts is 7 for families swimming both fall and winter sessions.  If an starter/ref works 12 shifts during the fall and winter sessions, he/she will receive the $100 reimbursement to cover the annual expenses AND $250 towards the next session of swimming ($50 per shift for the extra 5 shifts worked).

We hope to build up our group of starter/ref’s so we don’t put too much of a burden on a small group of people.  

For more information you can also:

Email Blaine Carlson at [email protected], or see any Express coach at the pool.