Update 3/27/19: meet worker sign up will be delayed.  New day/time to be announced in the near future.

Express home meets are fundraisers for our team, and the only fundraising required of our families.  Volunteers are an important part of running a successful meet and a great way to become a part of the action and meet new families.  Below are the requirements for each family for the season.

New families are exempt from this requirement for their first six months with the team.

See Volunteer Job Descriptions more details, most jobs do not require prior experience.  Any position that does require training is noted.

Buy-out for spring/summer Meet Worker Shifts: $350.  If you don't buy-out by March 27, and don't work your shifts you will be charged $420 for not working at the end of the season (billed on 8/1).

We really want our families to get involved; it's a great way to meet other swim team families!  If you don't meet the required number of shifts and don't communicate your plans to work the shifts you will be charged $60 per shift on August 1, 2020.

Meet worker sign up for each meet is found by clicking on the Job Sign Up tab under each meet.  The meets are found under the Events/Meets tab.  You must be logged in first.


  • The estimated requirement for Spring/Summer is 7 shifts per family.  If we have to make adjustments to this requirement we will let you know as soon as possible.
  • Spring only families, requirement is 4 shifts.
  • Summer only families, requirement is 3 shifts.
  • The shift times listed on the job sign up pages are estimates, we won't know our timelines until approximately 1 week prior to the meet start when entries are finalized.  Shift times will be updated at that time.
  • Please note that 1 full shift is equal to approximately 4 hours.  Any shift that is less than 3 hours in length will be counted as half a shift.
  • Please remember that new families are NOT required to work any meet worker shifts during the first six months with the team.  However you are welcome to get involved at anytime during your first six months.
  • Children ages 13 & up are allowed to work in most positions if they accompanied by a parent.  If you have questions about specifics please ask.
  • Officials will sign up with Blaine Carlson ([email protected]).  Contact Blaine directly if you have not received communication from him to sign up for these meets as an official.
  • PLEASE do not sign up for any additional shifts above your requirement.
  • Note: You can cancel/adjust your meet worker shifts up until 2 weeks prior to the meet starting date.  Any cancellations within two weeks of the meet date will result in a $60 charge per shift, OR to avoid the charge you can find someone to switch with you or fill your shift.  You will need to notify Laurie Carlson of any changes so we know who to expect for your shift.


ADMISSIONS: Greet spectators and collect admission fees and oversee the volunteer check-in. 

ANNOUNCER: Announcing event information, results, and details to help the event run smoothly.

AWARDS: Final results will be provided to the awards table, with stickers to put on awards.  Awards are then sorted by team and picked up by coaches at the end of the meet.

CLERK OF COURSE: This position is usually only required for championship meets and prelim/final meets.  Experience and knowledge of how these meets are run will be helpful.  Must be able to communicate with coaches, officials, and swimmers and answer their questions throughout the meet.

HY-TEK COMPUTER OPERATOR: Experience on Meet Manager is required.  If you are interested in shadowing and learning how to use this software contact Blaine Carlson ([email protected]).  Interaction with coaches and officials will be required, as well as other meet administrative workers.

CONCESSIONS: Prep food, serve, and operate concession stand.

COLORADO TIMING SYSTEM OPERATOR: Experience on Colorado Timing Systems is required.  If you are interested in shadowing and learning this system contact Blaine Carlson ([email protected]).

CLEAN UP/BACK UP: Must attend the entire session and be available to fill other positions as needed and/or help to maintain a clean facility throughout the session.

CLEAN UP - END OF MEET: Clean up bleachers and pool deck at the end of each day.  This is typically a shorter shift, but credit for one shift will be given.

MEET MARSHALL: A safety position which requires you to be on deck at all times during the session.  You will help supervise warm-ups and keep the deck safe throughout the session.  

RUNNER: Collect lane timer sheets, along with paperwork from officials and "run" them up to the Hy-Tek Computer Operator.  Also will deliver results and award labels to the Awards Table.

TIMERS: No experience required.  You will operate a stop watch, back up buttons, and record times as a back up to the automatic timing system.  The officials will hold a meeting at the beginning of each session to make sure you understand your responsibilities.

8 & UNDER STAGING: Assist our young swimmers to stage them either in the bleachers or behind the blocks, to ensure they get to the correct heat/lane for their race.