401 E. Roberta Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186

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Quick Facts:
- Gallons of water in the pool – 485,723.
- Seating for spectators and athletes for nearly 2,000.
- The bulkhead weighs 12,000 lbs.
- The scoreboard dimensions are 9’ x 13.4’.
- The scoreboard is capable of displaying 1.07 billion shades of color.
- The scoreboard has the ability to display an athletes name, place, and time, splits, etc... It can also do things like display video clips, digital images, and can even play recorded underwater footage.
- Peavey Speakers and Amplifier for Public Address and Music Systems. AV Rack includes Ipod Cradle, CD Changer, and AM/FM Receiver.
- Wireless Microphone allows placement of meet announcer at any vantage point in the pool area!
- Pool dimensions are 25 yards x 30 meters.
- The bulkhead allows the pool to be tremendously versatile. The pool can be configured into 4 different sizes.
- Championship racing configuration consists of 8 lanes that are 9 ft. wide. The alternate racing configuration consists of 10 lanes that are each 7.5’ wide.
- Depth at deep end is 13’3” and at the shallow end is 5’. A portable bottom can be put in to create an area that is 3.5’ deep.
- Square footage of the natatorium is 27,000 square feet.