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COM Swimming Booster Club Homepage 
The COM Swim Team Booster Club is an organization made up entirely of swimming parents and coaches.  It’s purpose is to support the team and coaches through fundraising and organization.  COM hosts several meets per year that the booster club and its parent volunteers help organize and run.  
The booster club also takes an active role in deciding how fundraising dollars are spent.  The Booster Club votes on these issues at its monthly meetings, held on the FIRST TUESDAY EVENING OF EVERY MONTH AT 5:30 PM IN THE MULTIPURPOSE ROOM OF THE FMH NATATORIUM.  One member of each family is strongly urged to attend in order to stay as informed as possible about upcoming events and issues.


The COM Swim Booster Club also has an informative facebook page where we post pictures and up-to-the minute information.  Please visit and "like" this page to stay informed.  The facebook address is "COM Swim Booster Club".

Family Service Hours

As a competitive swim team, we cannot run successful swim meets without a lot of parents serving in a myriad of volunteer positions.  To try to make sure that every family shares in the task of serving as equally as possible, we have established a MINIMUM number of service hours that we require of each family each season.  Most families serve more than the minimum, however.  

The current service hours requirement per season (Short Course Season runs mid-August through March 31, and Long Course Season runs April 1 through mid-August) is:

Family with oldest swimmer on Splash or Developmental teams - 6 hours per family per season

Family with swimmers on Dolphin team and UP - 16 hours per family for short course (mid Aug-Mar 31) and 12 hours per family for long course (Apr 1-mid Aug). 

Booster Club Board Members

Chairman                        Jessi Bynum
Vice Chairman                Leslee Day
Secretary                        Michelle Jones             
Treasurer*                       Kyle Jordan
Assistant Treasurer*       Gwen Drennan
Fund Raising                  Heidi Krueger
Special Events                Maybe YOU
Volunteer Coordinator     Erin Phillips
Concessions**                Jaime Gerric
Awards**                         Stephanie Sites
Hospitality**                    Johnna Hunter & Stephanie Fuentes
Publicity/Design              Jackie Mellen 


*The Treasurer is responsible to keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures and to present a financial report at each meeting. The Assistant Treasurer is responsible to receive and deposit earned funds and to pay out funds as approved by the Booster Club.

**These positions are not specifically described in the bylaws but are vital for successful swim meets.