COM is committed to creating a life-changing environment where success is certain.  We believe this is possible if everyone, including our parents, are committed to our core habits.   It is the expectation of the COM staff that parents will adhere to this code of conduct in order to participate in the COM Aquatics Swim Team. 


I will always be courteous, respectful and kind to parents, officials, coaches and athletes from all teams. 

Be Honest

I will only say things that are true, and uplifting to our team.  I will not gossip. 

Take Responsibility

I will do all things expected of me to help my athlete be as successful as possible.  This includes:

  • Having them to practices on time and prepared
  • Completing our family’s service hours
  • Attending/declining meets online
  • Reading the COMmunicator
  • Communicating with my child’s coach when necessary

Do More, Not Less

I will do my part to make COM great for my athlete and the team by

  • Treating the COM facility as I do my own home.
  • Treating other athletes as I do my own.
  • Treating other parents as I wish to be treated.


I will thoughtfully listen to my athlete/teammate and their coach. 

Be Intentional

I will encourage and support my athlete and the team every day.  I will make sure my words are always encouraging- not coaching, uplifting- not discouraging, celebrating-not comparing

Be Owners

I will do my part to create a life-changing environment where success is certain.  I will exemplify in myself and encourage in others the COM habits. 

Zero Tolerance Behaviors

The following behaviors will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will result in immediate action by the head coach and executive director.

  • Inappropriate name calling or bullying of any COM athlete, parent or coach
  • Cheating
  • Vandalism of the COM facility
  • Coming to COM under the influence of alcohol or narcotics
  • Any violation of the USA Swimming Code of Conduct which can be found at