Communication Plan

West Texas is dedicated to communicating to its members effectivley. 

Below you will see the type of information we will use our platform to communicate to the members across WT.

Events, programs, and resources - West Texas Website
Our wesbsite will be the primary hub to find all the infomation you need to get the most out of your swimming experince. Records, events, and safe sport resources can all be found on our website. Please feel free to explore the various tabs and links. If there is something you need more information on please reach out to president of West Texas.

Accomplishments - Facebook (
We want to highlight as many successes as possible across West Texas. We will highlight these on our primary social media platform, Facebook. If we missed something important let us know!

Zones and Texas Select Camp - Email (in addition to the methods above)
The West Texas Zones team and Texas Select Camp are some of the biggest events for our WT athletes. We will communicate the selcetion process and results to the coaches of WT who will in turn notify their families.