Welcome to Amarillo Swim Team! AST is an age group, competitive swimming program that serves the Amarillo community and is a member of USA Swimming, the national governing body of competitive swimming. 

About Us
Since its creation in 1969, AST has maintained an outstanding reputation serving swimmers in Amarillo. This reputation is well-deserved as swimmers have achieved success at some of the highest levels of competition. The team consistently has swimmers who compete at West Texas Champs, TAGS, Sectionals, and Zones. Many swimmers go to college with swimming scholarships. Others have gone on to swim in high school and compete successfully at State and Regional Championships. Striving to benefit every swimmer where they are is a primary goal of AST. All individuals are important assets to the team. Ages 8 - 18 years are accepted after a tryout meeting with a coach. During the tryout, the potential swimmer must be able to at least swim the length of the pool one time, without stopping. We would be honored to have your swimmer tryout for the Amarillo Swim Team.

To schedule a tryout or for any questions, contact Coach Clay at (806) 663-2534 or Coach Lee at (806) 282-4070.

Come swim with us!    

Mission Statement

To promote the sport of competitive swimming through positive motivation in a safe and supportive environment as well as teaching sound stroke mechanics in an atmosphere of high moral and ethical standards while encouraging sportsmanship and personal growth at all levels.



• To provide correct, consistent instruction in all areas of stroke competency for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.

• To establish a progression for endurance training at all levels.

• To set ethical and moral standards among swimmers.

• To instruct swimmers on other areas such as nutrition, prioritizing one’s life, and exemplary behavior.  


How we do it:

1.   Teaching the four competitive strokes of swimming and give the swimmers a chance to   
 improve in all those areas.

2.     Providing a progressive swimming program base on age group and ability, in cooperation with the United States Swimming competitive program.

3.     Promoting positive self-esteem and learning to give and receive sincere praise.

4.     To learn self discipline and enjoy the benefits of attaining a goal.

5.     Learning and enjoying the benefits of practicing a healthy lifestyle.

6.     Instilling the importance of good sportsmanship.

7.     Understanding that personal improvement is just as important as winning.

8.     Making friends and having FUN!  



How to join AST

  1. Schedule a tryout
    Call Coach Clay at (806) 663-2534 or Coach Lee at (806) 282-4070 to schedule a tryout time and discuss your potential swimmer
  2. Bring your child to the pool on time for the scheduled tryout 

Tryout procedure

  1. Swimmer swims one pool-length(25 yards) unaided and in any stroke of their choice
  2. Coach will give the swimmer stroke improvements to incorporate into their stroke
  3. Swimmer will swim back the 25 yards using the improvments.

Coach will then meet with the parent and swimmer and discuss team placement, practice times, and fees. New swimmers can immediately join their new team for their first practice. 

After the tryout please fill out the online registration form by clicking "Start Registration" link on the top left of the page.

See you at the pool!

Membership Information:


Senior Team (14-18 years old)
Monthly Fee: $75

Junior Team (13-16 years old)

Monthly Fee: $70

Black Team (11-15 years old)

Monthly Fee: $60

Blue Team (8-12 years old)

Monthly Fee: $60

Red-White (6-9 years old)

Monthly Fee: $55


*costs are per swimmer/month and are due on the first of every month*

*The Amarillo Town Club provides AST with access to the one of the few indoor practice pools in town. To continue this access for the team, all swim team members are required to carry a membership with ATC as well as AST. Please contact the Town Club for details on memberships.*

Cancellation Policy: 

To cancel a membership with AST, a member's parents must contact both the swimmer's team coach and an administrative coach in writing before cancellation changes can take place. Any dues or fees collected within five days of receiving that email will be refunded.