OUT-OF-TOWN TRAVEL POLICYAll swimmers who travel out of town, for any reason, are asked to quarantine and not present to practice for 14 days after their return.  If any swimmer wishes to return to practice prior to the 14 day quarantine they must quarantine for 5 days after their return from travel, submit to COVID 19 testing after the 5 day quarantine, and produce a negative test result before being allowed back into practice. This policy applies to all out of town travel for vacation or any other reason.  This policy applies to all travel outside our swim teams immediate home areas.  Based on the dynamic nature of this virus and its spread we request that all applicable swimmers/families reach out to your designated coach prior to vacation/travel to notify coach of plans and again upon return from vacation/travel to obtain permission back into practice environment. Coach contact information can be obtained under the “Coaches” tab or under the “Coaches and Directors” Link on the home page of our website.