JB Chambers YMCA
New(er) Swim Parent Mentor Program

Purpose:  To provide new swim parents, and other swim parents that are interested, the opportunity to select a more experienced parent-mentor. This should accelerate their understanding of the swim program and make it more enjoyable and beneficial for both parent(s) and swimmer(s).

It is not intended to replace the expert knowledge the coach provides. In some instances it will enable more effective communication and decision-making by parents, by more fully understanding swimming rules and planning/protocol for meets.

New(er) Swim Parents: Once you join the Y Swim Team, you can ask for the list of volunteer parent mentors. It will include information parents provided to help you make a selection. Names, kids ages, address, contact details, and a short swim history are what most parents provide. Simply select someone and make contact with them.

Swim Parent Mentors: To become a mentor send an email with your contact information, and perhaps a short story about you as a swim family. For example - parent names, city, email, phone, swimmer genders and ages, and anything else you wish to share. This information will be collected and made available to swim parents that request it. It will either be emailed to new swim parents on request, or in the future it may be password protected on the website.  It won't be openly posted for anyone to see. Once a mentor is picked by a new swim parent, they can either remain on the list or be removed if they request.