Summer Registration is Open! 

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For new swimmers, we will be having two evaluation nights on April 10th (Tuesday) and 12th (Thursday) from 5:30-6:30 p.m. at the Kelly Walsh Aquatic Center. Practice will begin April 17th (Tuesday). There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting on April 16th. Your child will not be able to practice unless a parent attends this meeting.

Club Entry Restrictions: Must complete a full 25 front crawl with side-glide breathing and maintain forward movement and a consistent kick. Must also complete a 25 back crawl while maintaining a forward motion and consistent kick.


Yellow Group: For kids just beginning competitive swimming and developing all four strokes fundamentals along with starts and turns. This group also includes an introduction to training and developing endurance and core strength. This group focuses on developing efficient swimmers while introducing them into the social culture of swimming and competition.


Blue Group; Group for swimmers who have a good base in the fundamentals of each stroke and proficient starts and turns. This group has a more individualized focus on technique and a larger emphasis on training for competition and race strategy. This group will have longer and more practices available as they are more developed in the sport and train with specific goals in mind.


If you need additional information please e-mail