Winter 2020-2021

Open for Returning Members

8/21/20 - 2/26/21

Open for New Members

8/27/20 - 2/26/21


Welcome to the 2020-2021 Casper Swim Club winter swim season. We are excited and hopeful about returning to the pool after missing our summer season. This year has presented a series of unexpected and unique challenges and, if you have swum with the club before, you will notice some changes in how our 2020-2021 season is going to operate. These are briefly outlined below, followed by an outline of the club schedule and fees.


Pool Use

The YMCA Pool will be our main practice pool this season. It is a 5 lane, 25 yard, pool. We will use the KWHS competition pool on Wednesday evenings for practices, and potentially at other times as it is available. The schedule is shown in detail on the following pages. The sanitation requirements at the KWHS pool have pushed back the time it is available after both high school teams practice, thus making practice times too late on the other weeknights for us to use it this season. The Wyoming Athletic Club has also closed since last winter and is not available. We are thankful to the YMCA for providing us with use of their pool so we can continue to operate.


Capped Membership

The club membership will be restricted to 50 members this winter. The reason being that this is the number that we can safely practice at the pools with the time and space we have available. Membership will be opened first to existing and past club members. Thereafter, it will be opened to new members until there are 50 registrants. If there are more interested swimmers than places, the club will maintain a waiting list should any spots open up during the season.

High School swimmers: we are currently working on membership options for you. If you are interested in being a part of CASC but are also swimming in high school, please email for more information.

Practice Times

Practice times will be somewhat later for the Yellow and White (junior) groups than they were in previous years, but similar for the Blue and Black (senior) groups. We strive as a club to make practice times as suitable for our athletes and their families as possible, but our choices are very much directed by pool availability. We hope we have developed a workable option.

No Locker Room or Water Fountain Use

Swimmers should arrive at and leave practices in their swimsuits, avoiding use of the locker rooms for changing. This safeguards against swimmers being away from coach supervision in the facilities and lessens the sanitation/cleaning requirements at the end of practices for our club. Restrooms will be available if needed but we encourage swimmers to use the restroom before attending practice. Swimmers will not be allowed to utilize drinking fountains, so must bring their own water bottle to each practice.

Swim Meets

Swim meets remain very uncertain at the present time. We are following the USA Swimming guidelines that recommend a cautious and incremental approach when reopening clubs. For us the first priority is successfully returning to practices. The whole swim community is discussing and exploring ways to creatively hold swim competitions safely and we are open to what might be possible for our club as the season progresses.

COVID-19 Precautions The CASC will follow Wyoming State and Natrona County Health Orders, as well as any particular requirements for the swimming pool facilities that we use. This will include social distancing and mask wearing when these are required by these regulations. At present (8/20/20) the current health order does not require athletes to wear masks when participating in sport but otherwise requires that people stay 6 feet apart or wear a mask when this is not possible. We ask for the cooperation of all club members in adhering to these regulations. This season it is more important than ever that parents/guardians are watchful to swimmer health and that swimmers are kept home from swim practice if they are showing any symptoms of illness, especially any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19. We ask that parents monitor their swimmers? health at home, including temperature and symptom checks (please see the attached checklist). The CASC requires that any swimmer with suspected or known exposure to COVID-19, suspected or diagnosed COVID-19, or who is displaying any symptoms of potential COVID-19, not attend practices until they are cleared from their physician or the Natrona County Health Department. Parents/guardians are expected to inform the Head Coach at the earliest opportunity if you suspect or know your swimmer has been exposed to COVID-19, or if you suspect or know your swimmer has COVID-19. For example, you should contact the Head Coach if your swimmer was in ?close contact? with someone with COVID-19, is waiting to be tested or get a test result for COVID-19, or if your swimmer has a positive diagnosis. The CASC will follow Natrona County Health Department protocols and guidance in the instance that any swimmer has been potentially infectious while attending practice.

Sorry, the maximum number of available registration slots has been exceeded, no new registrations will be permitted. Please contact the teams administrators if you have questions.