Each swimmer is charged a one time yearly USA Swimming registration fee.  If you sign-up a swimmer any month from October through July the following year, the one time fee is $65.00. If you sign-up a swimmer to swim from only April through July (and did not swim Oct. through March - winter season) the USA Swimming registration fee is $35.00.  A swim year begins the month of October and extends through the end of July. In addition, a GST registration fee of $50.00 is also be assessed upon registering with the team.

Swim meet fees will be charged the 1st of the following month. For example, a swimmer participates in a meet on November 11th, those charges will not be deducted until on December 1st.


Group Monthly Dues Breakdown



$55.00 per month


$60.00 per month


$70.00 per month


$80.00 per month





1.  A graduated scale will be used for dues with a per family cap of $180.00 per month.   A positive cash flow is required to assure payroll requirements and various other expenditures are met.  It is imperative for all GST parents to pay their swimmers’ monthly dues on or before the 1st of each month. If the outstanding dues have not been paid and posted by the 10th of the following month, the swimmer will not be allowed to practice until the dues are paid. 
2.  All dues are expected to be paid by credit card on the website unless other arrangements have been approved by the board.  Dues and all expenses from the previous month are charged to the credit card, by the club, on the 1st of each month. 
3.  If the board has approved other arrangements, it takes several days for the payment to be posted.  In addition, if a swimmer has two checks returned for insufficient funds we will no longer be able to accept their check and they must pay their account balance with a money order or cash. Drop off payments at the GST Mailbox located near the Aquatic Center locker room entrance or Mail to: GST P.O. Box 4398 Gillette, WY, 82717.  If you have any questions regarding your dues or other fees please direct your calls to the GST Treasurer – Nicole Jones at 689-9128 or e-mail [email protected]
4. A swimmer who attends ONE practice in any month will be billed for the entire month.
5. It is the responsibility of the member to notify the treasurer of intention to cancel a team membership.  You will be billed monthly unless the treasurer receives written notice that you have withdrawn.  If a member quits the program or is dropped from the program because of overdue bills, overdue and current account balances are immediately payable in full.
6.  The Gillette Swim Team does not want swimmers to discontinue swimming if they are unable to pay all of their team dues.  Reduced dues assistance is available.  Requests for reduced dues assistance must be made in writing to the Board of Directors.
Reduced Dues Program
Swimmers may qualify for reduced dues if they meet the requirements of the free and reduced lunch program through the Campbell County School District and/or special circumstances exist.  Reduced Dues Program Applications will be made available to swimmers at registration and are also available on the GST website.  Completed applications will be considered by the GST Board on an individual basis.