Thank you for your interest in entering the world of competitive swimming.

The first step in joining to fill out the Contact Us form. Be sure to state you would like to join our team. Any information on the age of the athlete and swimming experience would be helpful. If it is about lessons, be sure to state your interest with them.

We will contact you on setting up a testing date with one of our coaches. Most of our testing will be done on Tuesdays and Thursdays after 7:00 pm. We will also send out more information at that time. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

How To Become a Member


1.) Email the club using the Contact Us link.
     For Lessons, fill out this form. 

2.) The club will set up a testing time with coaches to confirm level placement into lessons or group.

3.) Parents will be informed of the level after the testing is complete. Then parent will register via link on home page. Please do not fill in till after you have been tested. Lessons will be setup with Lesson Coordintor. You will charge a fee at the time of registration.

4.) Once complete, an account will be setup in our system. Email and SMS will need to be verified.

5.) The swimmer can start to work toward his or her goals.