Swat Registration 2022-2023

Open for Returning Members

9/1/22 - 8/31/23

Open for New Members

9/1/22 - 8/31/23


Welcome to our 2022 - 2023 SWAT Online Registration! 

  • NEW THIS YEAR: The USA Swimming registration process has changed. The $81 yearly fee is no longer collected when you register with SWAT. Instead, you will need to register your swimmer(s) directly with USA Swimming. After we process your SWAT registration, a USA Swimming registration portal (SWIMS 3.0) link will be emailed to you. You will be responsible for registering your swimmer(s). This is required for all swimmers to participate with SWAT. 

*Please Read* In this Registration you wil be completing the following items:

  • Enter/Update your Account (Family) Information
  • Enter/Add/Update your Member (Athlete) Information
  • Select your Location: Green River OR Rock Springs
  • Select your Registration Group: USA Registiation, Swim America Lessons 
  • Finally, pay & receive receipt. 
  • Use link to USA Swimming to compete registration.

(Please do not register for lessons without approval from Lesson Coordinator)

In the tab labeled Document you will find the Swimmers handbook.  We have a different handbook for each location due to the different coaches, board members and points of contact. Please download the appropriate handbook and read it.  Keep it as a reference.  We expect each swimmer to follow the rules set forth and to be a good example to fellow swimmers.