Joining the Laramie Swim Club

Joining the Laramie Swim Club is easy!  Swimmers must be tested by Head Coach Scott to determine which group would be best suited for your swimmer.  Once on the team, swimmers may attend practice as little or as often as they like.  Fees are a flat fee billed retroactively and are on a monthly basis. Fees are based on practice groups. 

Once your swimmer joins the Laramie Swim Club, the required paperwork will need to be filled out and returned to your coach as soon as possible.  Paperwork includes the Code of Conduct, Consent for Emergency Care, and Liability Release. 

If your swimmer would like to compete in swim meets, they must first register with USA Swimming.  The most recent form can be downloaded here and turned into your coach or any board member.  USA Swimming does offer a variety of membership levels ranging from 20 meets per year to a yearly membership.  If your swimmer is still in lessons but would like to participate in meets, you will still need to complete the USA Swimming Application.