Laramie Swim Club Policies

Please read the Laramie Swim Club Handbook to become familiar with the club policies. 

Two important polices to understand are the volunteer policy and Codes of Conduct.

Parents are required to volunteer 4 hours per attended home meet.  Board recognized volunteer opportunities will meet this volunteer requirement.  If a parent does not volunteer for the 4 hours of a meet that their swimmer(s) attend, a buy-out fee of $50.00 will be applied to the family’s account.  The Board will waive the hourly requirement and fee if there are more volunteers than available opportunity hours in a meet.  The Board has the discretion to change this policy as it is implemented and evaluated.

Model Code of Conduct

Parents and athletes must read and sign the appropriate Codes of Conduct in order to continue practicing or participate in meets.  Parents will need to sign the Parent Code of Conduct while the Athletes will need to sign the Athlete Code of Conduct.

Codes of Conduct must be signed within one month of joining the Laramie Swim Club.  Athletes will not be allowed to participate in practice or meets until Codes of Conduct are signed and returned to their coach.

USA Swimming

To view USA Swimming Policies,  click on the USA Swimming icon at the top of the page or follow these links:

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