We are excited that you are considering joining the Flying Fish Arizona Swim Team.

This page should provide you with all the information, contacts, and links you need to get started with FAST.

Click here to see our Competitive Team Groups

Registration for Swim Team IS OPEN CLICK HERE!!

Registration for Summer Swim Is Closed

If you are interested in our signing up for one of our year around Practice Groups  (Lizard, Sidewinder, Gila Monster, Rattler, Scorpion, Roadrunner, or Coyote) follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Schedule a time to come by the pool and have one of the coaches evaluate your child’s swim skills. Please schedule the evaluation with Coach Carl.
  2. Once evaluated, your swimmer will be invited to a one-week trial swim with their assigned practice group.
  3. After successfully completing the week, you will be required to register and pay your annual fees ($157) online or by check.
  4. If you are coming from another USA team. We will need transfer paperwork at the time of registration. Out of State Transfers Fill out this form. Within Arizona Transfers fill out this form. ​


FAST depends on the collective efforts of our members to sustain and financially viable competitive team. The team has a volunteer policy in place to facilitate a broad-base of volunteers to ensure that we continue to conduct quality swim meets.

For more information on joining the FAST MASTERS TEAM send an email to Coach Carl. TO REGISTER CLICK HERE  

For more information on the SWIM LESSON PROGRAM send an email to Coach Kristie.