Lizard Group: (2 practices per week - $17.50 per class @ $140 monthly) 

*Must Log-in or become a member before Registration

*Lizard Group swimmers must be evaluated prior to registration, unless you are a returning Lizard Group swimmer. 

Early Bird Tryouts: Wed 2/26, Thur 2/27, & Fri 2/28, from 5-6pm @ Oro Valley Community Rec Center. Or Sat 2/29 from 10-11am @ Oro Valley Aquatic Center. 

Evaluations - Monday-Friday from 6:00-6:15pm @ Community Rec Center, please email in order to schedule your evaluation. 


Description: Lizard group introduces young swimmers to the competitive sport of swimming. Swimmers in Lizard group must be familiar with freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Swimmer to Coach ratio is 8:1, with coach often in-water for instruction. Participation in meets is encouraged as appropriate, but not required.

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Training Focus:

•  Introduction to butterfly and continued fine tuning mechanics in breaststroke, freestyle, and backstroke
•  Begin learning basic training concepts/competitive swim lingo and how to read the clock
•  Fine tuning flip turns, open turns, streamline, and racing start
•  Training for 25 Fly, 25 Breast, 50 Back, 75 Free


Gear: Mesh bag, kick board, pull buoy, fins, and water bottle


For more information please call - 520-222-6335


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