Description: The Masters Group is designed for adults swimmers (ages 19-99) who love to swim. Whether you want to improve your overall fitness, swim just for fun, develop better technique, or train for a triathlon, open water swim, or pool swimming competitions, the FAST Masters Swim Group is for you!


Training Schedule & Focus: (10 practices offered a week @ $50 monthly)

  • Monday: 5:00-6:00am & 12:00-1:00pm - V02 Max - Choice
  • Tuesday: 5:00-6:00am & 12:00-1:00pm - Coaches Choice
  • Wednesday: 5:00-6:00am & 12:00-1:00pm - Threshold Freestyle 
  • Thursday: 5:00-6:00am & 12:00-1:00pm - Coaches Choice
  • Friday: 5:00-6:00am & 12:00-1:00pm - Lactate Tolerance/Power/Speed - Choice

Try our practices before you decide! Come to the pool or talk to one of our coaches for more information: Contact Coach Matt at (520) 820-5744  or