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Swimming as part of the FAST SAAA program is a great introduction to the sport of swimming, positive swim team culture, and healthy competition for swimmers of all ages.

What: SAAA is the Southern Arizona Aquatic Association—a summer swimming program that is local to our area and separate from USA Swimming. This is great for novice swimmers! Athletes on FAST can be part of both SAAA and USA Swimming concurrently. Click here to visit the SAAA website.

Who: FAST swimmers ages 4 to 18 (as of June 1, 2023) AND in Level 3 or above in our swim lesson program OR in one of our swim team groups. We recommend that all lessons swimmers in Levels 3 and 4 participate in SAAA. We also recommend that our swimmers in Flying Fish, Green, Bronze, and Senior Fitness participate in SAAA. Finally, we recommend that swimmers in Blue, Silver, and Gold who have not yet achieved 3+ AZ State times ("A" cuts), participate in SAAA, too. If you are unsure whether your swimmer should participate in SAAA, please ask your lead group coach. All of our SAAA swimmers are members of FAST who choose to participate in SAAA in addition to their regular schedule.

When: Registration for the 2023 season open on May 1, 2023. Registration closes on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at 6:00 p.m.

Where: SAAA is open to our swimmers at both pool sites. We will be one FAST team comprised of swimmers from both CRC and OVAC. Athletes will continue to swim at their usual pool site in their usual lesson/practice groups.

How: Beginning May 1, click here to complete our online waiver. This will serve as your registration for SAAA. [You must also be registered through FAST for a swim team group or swim lessons--see below.] Please complete one form for your family and include each of your swimmers who will participate in SAAA on that same form. Please make sure to complete your form with an electronic signature. You will also need to submit a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate to complete their registration. You can email a picture/PDF of the birth certificate, or you can submit a paper copy to your coach on deck. We will need to keep this on file during the season, so please submit a copy, not the original. Please submit both the online waiver and your birth certificates to complete your registration.

  • If you are already a member of FAST, completing the above registration waiver is all you need to complete!
  • If you are NOT already a member of FAST, you must first register for our team. To join our SAAA team, you must also be a USA Swimming registered member in one of our swim team groups, OR a registered member of our lessons program in Level 3 or Level 4.

Cost: Each SAAA participant will be charged an additional $100 registration fee that will be invoiced to your account. This fee is an all-encompassing fee for the SAAA season. The SAAA fee includes the following: SAAA league registration/insurance, team cap, team shirt, all meet fees, and all ribbons/awards.

Practice schedule: Your swimmer’s practice schedule stays exactly the same! We are all part of one big team—SAAA swimmers, USA Swimming swimmers, and swimmers participating in both are all part of the larger umbrella of FAST. Your swimmer will attend their same lessons and/or practices. Swimmers in each practice group will continue to train together regardless of SAAA participation.

Meet schedule: Click here to go to our meet page to sign up for our SAAA meets. Please be sure to look for the meets labeled "SAAA." Yes, you can compete in both SAAA meets and USA meets during the same summer season. Please make sure to sign UP for the meets you wish to attend. Important: you must compete in at least 3 SAAA meets in order to be eligible for SAAA championships!

2023 SAAA Meet Dates:

  • Home Dual Meet vs. La Paloma: Tuesday, June 6 @ OVAC - Warm ups: 5:00 p.m.; Start time: 6:00 p.m. - Click here to register | Deadline: Friday, June 2
  • SAAA 9-18 Invitational: Saturday, June 10 @ OVAC - Click here to registerDeadline: Monday, May 29
  • Away Dual Meet vs. Catalina Terrace: Thursday, June 15 @ Catalina Terrace - Click here to registerDeadline: Monday, June 12
  • Away Dual Meet vs. Tucson Country Club: Tuesday, June 20 @ Tucson Country Club - Click here to registerDeadline: Friday, June 16
  • SAAA 8 and under Muppet Meet Invitational: Saturday, June 24 @ OVAC - Click here to registerDeadline: Monday, June 12
  • Home Dual Meet vs. Oro Valley Pirates: Tuesday, June 27 @ OVAC - Warm ups: 5:00 p.m.; Start time: 6:00 p.m. - Click here to registerDeadline: Friday, June 23
  • SAAA Rincon Championships: Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13 @ OVAC - Click here to registerDeadline: Wednesday, June 28 at noon

*Home meets require parent volunteers! We will need help timing, announcing, running, shepherding, creating awards, etc. So please be ready to help out for our two home meets this season :)

SAAA Championships: Our championship meet is the Rincon Championships on Wednesday, July 12 and Thursday, July 13 at the Oro Valley Aquatic Center. More details coming soon!

  • Wednesday, July 12: Prelims | Start time TBD
  • Thursday, July 13: Finals | Start time TBD
  • All SAAA registered swimmers may participate! No qualifying times required. We want you there! :)
  • Must compete in 3 SAAA meets (dual meets and/or invitationals) in order to compete in Championships

Meet Results: [posted after the conclusion of each meet]

  • La Paloma vs. FAST: Tuesday, June 6 - RESULTS
  • SAAA 9-18 Invitational: Saturday, June 10 - RESULTS
  • FAST vs. Catalina Terrace: Thursday, June 15 - RESULTS
  • FAST vs. Tucson Country Club: Tuesday, June 20 - RESULTS
  • SAAA 8 and under Muppet Meet: Saturday, June 24 - RESULTS
  • OV Pirates vs. FAST: Tuesday, June 27 - RESULTS
  • Rincon Championships: Wednesday, July 12 & Thursday, July 13 - RESULTS


Questions/More info? email Coach Tori at [email protected]