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FAST Swim Lessons

Oro Valley Locations

Oro Valley Community and Recreation Center (CRC): 10555 N. La Canada, 85737

  • March-October
  • Monday-Friday afternoon lessons
  • Levels 1-5

Oro Valley Aquatic Center (OVAC): 23 W. Calle Concordia, 85704

  • June and July [OVAC morning lessons are now over for the season]
  • Monday-Friday morning lessons
  • Levels 1-4

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Why Choose FAST?

  • We specialize in teaching water safety, becoming more comfortable in the water, and learning stroke technique for all four competitive swimming strokes
  • We create a fun and challenging environment for our swimmers to learn and progress
  • Our instructors are experienced and well trained in order to keep your swimmers safe and successful in the water
  • Our program offers progressive learning by offering multiple levels with specific skills that are creative and structured toward individual success
  • Convenient, flexible, "build your own" scheduling options with make-up classes available

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Getting Started

Join us today in 3 easy steps:

1. Evaluation: All swimmers must be evaluated before starting swim lessons. We have open evaluations available for drop-in; no appointment necessary. Please complete your evaluation prior to registration! You will not be able to attend classes without a completed evaluation!

  • CRC: Each week, Monday-Thursday at 6:15 p.m.
  • OVAC: Each week, Monday-Thursday at either 9:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.

2. Registration: Following your evaluation, you may register your swimmer for the appropriate level class. Registration is fully online. Use the filters to make your selections easier. Click here to access the online registration portal.

  • Please note: registration is ongoing, so you can register whenever your child is ready to start swimming. Think of each swim class for each child as an item that you are purchasing and putting into your shopping cart. Different days and different children are different items. Everything can go into the shopping cart and be purchased together at the end of the registration process. Classes will be pro-rated dependent on the timing of the month that you are initiating your registration. Once registration has been completed, you will receive a receipt which means you can begin swim lessons immediately. After the first month, you will be billed on a monthly recurring basis until you cancel your lessons. REMEMBER: You must email us at [email protected] in order to request a cancellation; verbal cancellations will not be accepted. 

3. Attend your first class: Classes begin immediately following registration. If you register on Monday and choose a Tuesday class, your classes begin the very next day.

Remember, you must have an evaluation done prior to registering for classes! All swimmers must be evaluated to ensure your swimmer is in the class best suited for their swimming needs. 

Group descriptions

Click here for detailed group advancement guide & curriculum

Swim lessons are available for swimmers ages 3-12. Our program consists of 5 levels designed for swimmer success.

  • Level 1: Intro to Swimming - un-assisted; 30 minute classes; 4:1 swimmer to instructor ratio
  • Level 2: Intro to Freestyle - 30 minute classes; 4:1 swimmer to instructor ratio
  • Level 3: Intro to Backstroke - 30 minute classes; 5:1 swimmer to instructor ratio
  • Level 4: Intro to Breaststroke - 30 minute classes; 6:1 swimmer to instructor ratio
  • Level 5: "Flying Fish:" Intro to Butterfly & and fundamentals of swim team - 45 minute classes; 8:1 swimmer to instructor ratio

New this year! Swimmers in Level 3, Level 4, and Flying Fish are eligible to compete in our SAAA summer league meets! Click here to learn more about SAAA.

Cost and schedule

Click here for detailed fee and discount information

  • Lessons are available Monday through Friday.
  • Morning lessons (9:00-11:00 a.m.) are offered at OVAC.
  • Afternoon lessons (4:00-6:15 p.m.) are offered at CRC.
  • Each schedule is customizable--you choose from days and times available that fit into your schedule.
  • The cost is $15 per class, per swimmer for Levels 1-4, and $17.50 per class, per swimmer for Level 5 "Flying Fish."
  • Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis and renew each month. You may register for any number of classes per week. We recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week per swimmer.
  • You are charged for each individual class. We do not have a registration fee.

Schedule example:

If you sign up on Tuesday, June 8 for Wednesday and Friday Level 3 classes at 4:30, your first class would be the very next day.

Then, each week you are set to attend Wednesday and Friday 4:30 classes.

For the month of June, you will be charged $15 for each remaining Wednesday and Friday class in the month.

Then, in July, you will automatically be continue in your Wednesday and Friday classes. On July 1, you will be charged $15 for each Wednesday and Friday in July.

Swim lesson FAQs

​Q: What is the age range for swim lessons?

A: Swimmers ages 3 to 12 are eligible for our swim lesson program.

Q: When do swim lessons start? When do they end?

A: Our swim lesson season begins March 1. After March 1, once you register for lessons, you start immediately! If you register on a Monday and select a Tuesday class, your first lesson is the very next day. Our morning lessons end July 30. Our afternoon lessons end October 29 for the season. Your lessons continue to renew each month for your same schedule unless you email us to cancel.

Q: What if I miss a class?

A: We offer two make-up classes per month per swimmer. Please email [email protected] to schedule a make-up class. Please include the name of your swimmer, his/her level, your swim lesson location, and some days/times that work in your schedule for a make-up class. Click here to view our make-up policy.

Q: Is there a registration fee?

A: No. The only fees you pay are the fees for your scheduled classes. 

Q: Do I need to register each month to keep my swimmer in lessons?

A: No, you only need to register once! Your schedule renews at the start of each month. Your swimmer is automatically enrolled in lessons for your same days and times each month. If you wish to cancel your lessons for the upcoming month, please email [email protected] to schedule your cancellation.

Q: Can I change my schedule after I register?

A: Yes! If you need to make a schedule change (a different day or a different time) please email [email protected] and we will make those schedule adjustments for you provided we have room in your desired class. You do not need to re-register for your preferred schedule; we will simply make that switch for you.

Q: How does my swimmer move up to the next level? Is there a test or a new evaluation?

A: We will let you know when your swimmer is ready to move up! Swimmers do not need to take a test or do a new evaluation to move up to the next level. The instructors monitor each swimmer's progress, and when that swimmer has completed all the skills for that level, we wili inform you that your swimmer is ready to move to the next level.

Q: How do I change my schedule once my swimmer is ready to move up to the next level?

A: We will take care of the schedule change for you! We will email you to inform you of the move-up, and then we will adjust your schedule to place your swimmer in the next level class. We will try to keep your schedule as consistent as possible given what we have available. Most times we can keep your same days and just move your swimmer to the higher level class. You do not need to register your swimmer for the next level. We will simply move them up on our end.

Q: What happens when my swimmer completes Level 5, Flying Fish?

A: Once your swimmer has completed all the skills in our Flying Fish level, he/she is ready for swim team! We will notify you that your swimmer is ready to move into one of our swim team groups, and we will help you transition from your swim lesson schedule to our swim team schedule.

Q: Can my swimmer do more than 1 class per week? Can I add more lessons to my schedule if I want my swimmer to have more classes each week?

A: Yes! You can always add more classes to your weekly schedule. In fact, we recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week for each swimmer. You can always register for additional classes in the same manner as your initial registration. This class will then be part of your schedule each week, and it will renew the next month unless you email us for a cancellation.

Q: How do I cancel my classes?

A: Please email [email protected] to cancel your classes. A cancellation takes effect at the start of the next month. This means that you will not be enrolled for classes next month or charged for those classes. You cannot cancel in the middle of the month and recieve a refund for the remaining classes in that month. Click here to view our cancellation policy. You can register again if you wish to resume your classes. You register the same way you did originally, and you can start lessons again right away.

Q: My swimmer is a beginner, and we would like to start in Level 1--do I still need to do an evaluation?

A: Yes, we require that all swimmers, even beginner/Level 1 swimmers, complete an evaluation prior to registration.

Q: Can my swimmer attend back-to-back classes?

A: No, we do not allow swimmers to attend back-to-back classes. For example, you cannot have your swimmer attend the 4:30 class and the 5:00 class on the same day.

Q: What if my class is canceled due to weather?

A: When a class has to be canceled due to weather, we will offer a complimentary make-up class. Please email [email protected] to schedule that make-up. We cancel lessons when thunder and/or lightning are present in the immediate vicinity and it becomes unsafe to be in the water. We usually do not know in advance if we will have to cancel. We monitor the storm and track its changes in real time. Once the storm activity has passed, we will resume lessons. If it is raining, but thunder and/or lightning are not present in the immediate vicinity, we will have swim lessons.


You must notify us via e-mail at [email protected] if you wish to cancel from FAST Lessons or Flying Fish group. This MUST be done before the 25th prior to the start of the next month. For example, if you wish to stop swimming as of May 1, you must contact the team by April 25th in order to avoid being billed for the month of May. We do not give refunds for cancelling in the middle of the month. Failure to attend class does not entitle you to a refund. Your spot is being held for you and you are required to pay, whether you come or not, unless you give the proper cancellation notice. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY


We do not refund for missed practices. If you miss a practice, please email [email protected] 48 hours in advance to request a day and time that you would like to come for a make-up. There is no guaranty that a make-up will be scheduled for you if you send an email the day before or the day of your preferred make-up day. One-time practice changes are considered make-ups. If a scheduled practice falls on a pool closure date, your account will have been prorated and you will not need to schedule a make-up. Each swimmer is allowed 2 make-ups per month. 

FAST swim lesson safety guidelines @ CRC:

  • Swimmers will need to wear swim gear to and from the pool facility. Locker rooms are off limits; however, the facility is open and bathroom use is available.
  • Swimmers and parents will wait outside the gate to be let in by one of our instructors.
  • Parents may now observe lessons on deck from under the ramada provided they do not interfere or distract the instructors or swimmers during the lesson. 
  • Fully vaccinated individuals, including instructors, are no longer required to wear a face mask at CRC. If you have not been vaccinated, we kindly ask that you continue to follow CDC guidelines by wearing a face mask and observing social distancing. We respect your privacy and personal decisions. As such, we will not be asking people if they have been vaccinated. 

FAST swim lesson safety guidelines @ OVAC:

  • Parents may now observe lessons on deck from the grass area provided they do not interfere or distract the instructors or swimmers during the lesson. 
  • Fully vaccinated individuals, including instructors, are no longer required to wear a face mask at CRC. If you have not been vaccinated, we kindly ask that you continue to follow CDC guidelines by wearing a face mask and observing social distancing. We respect your privacy and personal decisions. As such, we will not be asking people if they have been vaccinated. 

***Please note that we do offer complimentary make-up lessons due to inclement weather***

For more information on our swim lesson program, email our swim lesson administrator Lina Ortiz [email protected]

Or call - 520-222-6335