FAST Swim Lessons

The Flying Fish Swim School

Cost and schedule

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  • Lessons are available Monday through Friday.
  • Morning lessons (9:00-11:00 a.m.) are offered at OVAC. [finished for the season]
  • Afternoon lessons (4:00-6:15 p.m.) are offered at CRC.
  • Each schedule is customizable--you choose from days and times available that fit into your schedule.
  • The cost is $17.50 per class, per swimmer for Levels 0-4, and $20 per class, per swimmer for Level 5 "Flying Fish."
  • Lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis and renew each month. You may register for any number of classes per week. We recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week per swimmer.
  • You are charged for each individual class. We do not have a registration fee.

Schedule example:

If you sign up on Tuesday, June 8 for Wednesday and Friday Level 3 classes at 4:30, your first class would be the very next day.

Then, each week you are set to attend Wednesday and Friday 4:30 classes.

For the month of June, you will be charged $17.50 for each remaining Wednesday and Friday class in the month.

Then, in July, you will automatically be continue in your Wednesday and Friday classes. On July 1, you will be charged $17.50 for each Wednesday and Friday in July.


Have questions about your swim lesson schedule? Please email our swim lesson administrator Lina Ortiz [email protected]

Or call - 520-222-6335



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