The goal of this level is to get children 6 months to 3 years old comfortable in the water with both their parent and an instructor.

Level 1:

This level is for children ages 3-6 years old. They'll spend time on the steps while the instructor works with each child individually. This level introduces and develops:

  • getting the face wet and eventually full submersion
  • assisted back and front floats
  • basic flutter kick while assisted as well as unassisted
  • basic climbing out an jumping in skills

Level 2:

This level introduces and develops:

  • Unassisted back and front floats 
  • Bobs
  • Unassisted Freestyle and Backstroke kick
  • Arm motions for Freestyle and Backstroke

Level 3:

At this level swimmers continue to enhance their kicking skills while practicing basic arm motions for Freestyle and Backstroke .

They will also:

  • ​continue development of proper hand and arm movements in freestyle and backstroke
  • begin learning basic breathing patterns.
  • be introduced to basic streamline skills
  • begin to learn butterfly kick

Level 4:

This is the final swim lesson level at FAST. After completing this level, swimmers will be ready to join the Lizard Group on the FAST swim team pending a coach evaluation. This is what they'll learn in level 4:

  • Swimming across pool in both freestyle and backstroke
  • Basic butterfly and breaststroke kicking techniques
  • Diving 
  • Initiate arm strokes for breaststroke and butterfly

To register, visit the Oro Valley Aquatic Center or email Kristie Luckett if you have any questions.