Dear FAST Families,


In light of the recent school closures issued by Governor Doug Ducey, the response from many other swim clubs across the nation, and the general news regarding COVID-19, the FAST board of directors and coaches have decided to cancel swim lessons, swim team practices, masters practices, any competition, and summer swim team registration according to the school closure schedule.


At this time, school is scheduled to resume on Monday, March 30th and FAST will do the same, re-evaluating in much the same way that the school districts are re-evaluating.


As a board and staff, we have spent time carefully reviewing our finances. In the best interest of our team (to ensure that we have a team to come back to) and to care for our employees, we intend to continue to pay our staff - including our hourly employees. While we are hoping for the best, which would entail a quick return to the pool in a couple of weeks, we are preparing for the worst. None of us can be sure of what we’re dealing with, so we’ll move forward cautiously but optimistically.


In the meantime, we also know you have active kids who may be stuck at home for quite some time. The coaches will be sending a daily dryland workout for your swimmers to keep them busy and in shape along with a video and coaching tips. These will begin on Monday, March 23.


If the closure continues past March 30th, we will be evaluating whether or not to change the current registration/pause policy, which currently states that you may pause your membership for $20/month, eliminating the need to re-register (and thus pay a registration fee) or simply pause your membership and pay a registration fee upon your return. 


As the rest of the world continues to evaluate this situation, so will we, and we will stay in close contact with you as the situation changes - hopefully for the best!


Stay healthy and wash your hands!


FAST Board of Directors & Coaches