The Flying Fish have access to one of the best Aquatic Centers in Arizona and host several meets throughout the year. Not only does this bring in money for our team, it keeps us from having extra travel expenses that attending many out of town meets would incur.


The success of our meets as well as our overall program is dependent on our families’ involvement. With a little help from everyone we can keep our dues down and avoid additional “traditional” fundraisers.


We want to thank you for taking an active role in supporting FAST and your swimmers!



Session Obligations


FAST families (Green thru National Groups) will be required to work the following sessions per meet


    Patriot Meet (hosted in September)     2 session

    Winter Lights (hosted in early December)    3 sessions

    Mayflower Meet (hosted in early May)    2 session

    Oro Valley Open (hosted in June)     2 sessions


    Age Group/Senior States (when awarded)    3 sessions


Any additional smaller meets hosted by FAST can be used as makeup sessions (i.e. High School Time Trial in early November) or a direct donation of $500 can be made to the team to cover volunteer commitments for the year.



Volunteer Sign-Up


All volunteer hours will be recorded and tracked from the team website.


To sign up as a volunteer for an upcoming meet:

  • Log into your account
  • Click "Events" at the top of the page, and find the meet. 
  • Click "Job Signup" to see the jobs needed.
  • Choose the job/shift you'd like to sign up for.
  • Click the button with the green plus sign that says "Signup".

We ask that you please sign up for job(s) no later than a week prior to its start.


You will be charged $50 per missed session at the conclusion of the meet if you fail to fulfill the volunteer requirement.




Meet Volunteer Positions



Must be USA Certified. Admins are responsible for timing adjustments and computer entries.


Admin Assistant

No Prerequisites. Job includes filing and organizing paperwork.



No previous experience necessary. Uses public address system to announce each event and heats of the meet. Makes required announcements during the meet including final results at some meets.


C6 Operator

Operates the Colorado Timing System (computer hooked to timing system) and monitors timing or equipment errors. MUST learn/know system.


C6 Trainee

No previous experience necessary to shadow/ train!


Clerk of Course

Assisting with the administration of the meet, including but not limited to: athlete and coach check-ins, distributing coach information, and other paperwork.  Training can be given during a meet.



No previous experience necessary. Hospitality servers help coordinate the food set up, preparation, and serving in the hospitality room. Hospitality runners assist the hospitality staff with bringing stacks, beverages, and food to coaches and officials, as well as helping to refill dispensers on deck.


Head Timer

No previous experience necessary. The head timer starts two stop watches at the start of each race to serve as backup watches in case there is a problem or malfunction in a lane during the race. They also communicate with officials regarding any replacement timer needs or problems.


Lane Timer

No previous experience necessary. Timers operate either a button or a stopwatch during each race and record the stopwatch time on a timing sheet. Training is given prior to the start of the first race of the day, and timers enjoy the best seats in the house!  


Meet Runner

No previous experience necessary. Runners collect the timing sheets from the lanes after the races and deliver them to the administrative referee. They may also post results throughout the facility or deliver them to the clerk of course.


Meet Marshal

Must take an online training and take a small written test. Meet Marshals are required by USA Swimming to run a meet. They assist the officiating staff by observing the deck and surrounding areas to ensure that all safety rules are being enforced. The online training and tests are quick.

Click here for how to become a Meet Marshall: 


Officials/ Official Trainees

No previous experience necessary to shadow/train!


Click this link on how to become an official sessions, a class, and test.


FAST Covers the cost of registration to be an official with receipt.




Additional volunteer opportunities


If you cannot volunteer for a mandatory meet you may do one of the following, but it must be pre-approved by a member of the meet planning committee:

  • Donate $50 gift cards for Costco per session for hospitality. Make sure to place in a sealed envelope with your swimmer’s name.

  • Volunteer for a smaller meet (i.e. High School Time Trial)

  • Other professional services. Contact the Volunteer coordinator [email protected] with any other skill, service or creative ideas you might have.



Contact Matt Brauer, BOD m[email protected] with any additional questions