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Membership Application Process

All course certificates must be valid on the date of application for membership. Coaches should submit their certificates (or copies, if allowed by LSC policy) of the First Aid, CPR and/or Safety Training for Swim Coaches courses (front and back) as adequate proof of training. If an LSC Membership Chair doubts the authenticity of a copy, he/she has the right to request access to the original cards.

It is the responsibility of the coach to renew all certificates in a timely manner.

The First Aid, CPR and STSC expiration dates will appear on the stub of the coach's membership card. The earliest of the expiration dates will also appear in bold letters on the front of the coach membership card. (Example: If CPR expires on May 15, 2004 the following wording will appear on the front of the coach membership card: VALID THROUGH MAY 15, 2004.)

Clubs must have at least one properly registered coach to register as an USA Swimming club. This does not change the fact that all club coaches must fulfill the safety requirements. As defined in the rule book, a "club" must have at least one coach; group members that do not fulfill this requirement may join only as "organizations."