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Enforcement at Meets

People without a coach membership will not be allowed to participate in any coaching capacity at any USA Swimming sanctioned competition. This restriction includes being barred from the deck area at all Local Swimming Committee, Zone, Sectional, Junior National, National and International qualifying competitions.

If an offending person refuses to comply with these provisions upon initial warning, all athletes on that person's club shall be designated as "Unattached" for the entire competition, unless the club has some other USA Swimming coach member present. It shall be the responsibility of the meet referee, or his designee, to enforce these provisions.

This "last resort" option of unattaching athletes exists only when the coach does not fulfill the Coaches Safety Curriculum and refuses to leave the deck when asked to do so by meet management.

Athletes should not be forced to swim unattached simply because their USA Swimming coach is not able to accompany them to an USA Swimming meet. Instead, in keeping with LSC policy, the athletes should be assigned to another coach, the host team or a designated marshal.