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Using Hy-Tek Team Manager for Windows (Win-TM)

  • From Windows Explorer, identify the folder, which contains your WinTM program. (Standard installation creates a directory titled "Hy-sport" in your C drive, and the WinTM program and data files are in this directory in a folder appropriately titled WinTM). Highlight the WinTM folder and from the file menu, select 'new', 'folder' and name the new folder 'results downloads'

  • Go to CCS website & click on Swim Meets.

  • On the left, click on the Meet Results button.

  • Select the Meet Year and then the Meet, then click the Select button

  • On the upper left-hand side of the page click on the file you wish to import into your WinTM database. WinTM can import either SDIF (*.SD3) files or Commlink (*.CL2) files.

  • Select "Save this file to disk" from the Windows File Download popup window, and click OK.

  • You will see a 'Save as' popup window giving you the choice of where you wish to save the download. Using the dropdown bar, move to your 'results downloads' folder and save the file(s) there. From the 'save as' window, you will be able to identify both the 'file name' and the 'file type'. If the downloaded file is a CL2 file or a SD3 file, you are ready to import into Team Manager and you can skip the next step.

  • If the downloaded file is a ZIP file (one which is compressed to consume less space on the website) you will have to un-zip it. A zipped file will be identified in 'file type' as Aladdin Stuffit Archive. (If you forget to look at the file type while the 'save as' window is open, you can identify the file type via Windows Explorer. To un-zip your downloaded file, return to Windows Explorer, find your 'results downloaded' folder and right-click once on the file name. Select 'Expand' by left-clicking once. Aladdin will un-zip the file and create a new file with the .SD3 or .CL2 identity.

  1. From the main screen in Win-TM click 'file' and select 'import', 'Commlink/SDIF/ZIP files of Commlink'. Select 'C' drive to import from & click OK. From the 'Select data file to import' window, find your 'results downloads' folder and open (double-click) on the folder. Using the drop-down from the 'list files of type' window, select SD3 or CL2 to show your file. Highlight (one left-click) the SD3 or CL2 file and click OK. WinTM will open the results data file and give you a number of options regarding import features. Normal import features to select would be:

  • No, do not overlay duplicate results

  • 1 LSC (CC)

  1. Yes, import relays

  • Yes, import split

  • No, add new teams/athlete

  • For standard at least: ALL

  • One Team: XYZ (your team identifier)

  • Course: All

  • Include leadoff relay splits

  • Make the selections desired and click OK

  • If you have previously set the meet up to do your team entries and named the meet differently from the Host, you may get a popup reading "There is already an existing meet with start date: 01/01/2000 named XYZ B+ Long Course. Would you like to treat this meet, XYZ B+ LC Gold and XYZ B+ Long Course as the same meet?" If you're certain that you're dealing with the same meet then click 'Yes' and proceed. In a few seconds you will see "Import Complete" on your Import Commlink window - click on 'Close' and the meet results are now part of your database.