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Important News from CCS House of Delegates

Mark Bennett

The CCS House of Delegates convened on Saturday, September 19.

The following members were elected or re-elected to serve on the CCS Board of Directors:

  • Age Group Swimming Vice Chair – Mark Bennett
  • Senior Swimming Vice Chair – Keith Moore
  • Coaches Representative – Tammy Kudela
  • Safe Sport Coordinator – Ashlee Coleman
  • Diversity & Inclusion Chair – Anthony Randall
  • Senior Athlete Rep – Samantha Rockey, Allison McDougal
  • Disability Chair – Blake Adams

The following dates were approved as target dates for CCS hosted Spring Championship meets:​

  • February 18 – 21:  Juanita Allington Senior Championship – use as qualifier for Sectionals
  • March 19 - 21: 12 & Under Junior Olympics
  • March 26 - 28: 13 & Over Junior Olympics
  • April 9 – 11:  Southwest Age Group Regional Championship (SWAGR)

There was also a motion passed to allow for NON-SANCTIONED COMPETITION to qulify for the meets listed above.  Read the motion here:

  • Motion to add language to the fact sheet for the 2021 Juanita Allington, 2021 CCS Junior Olympic, and the 2021 Southwest Age Group Regional Championships (SWAGR) that allows times swum in non-sanctioned competition to qualify for these championship meets. 
    •  The times must be observed by at least 2 adult USA Swimming registered coach members, or 1 USA Swimming registered coach member and 1 USA Swimming registered official member. 
    • The times must also be uploaded, within 30 days of the swim, into the SWIMS non-sanctioned meet database so that they can be reconciled by each meet admin referee.

To read the full copy of the minutes.  CLICK THIS LINK.