Welcome to Central California Swimming!

Standard Officials Attire

Current CCS attire for officials is as follows:

  • White, collared shirts. Men shirts should have sleeves, women may wear sleeveless blouses.

  • Navy blue trousers (not denim) with either long or short pant legs. Women may also wear a navy blue skirt.

  • Shoes should be predominantly white. Some color is acceptable, but the color should be mostly white.

  • Winter attire, such as sweat shirts and parkas, should be white as well.

Meet Referee's have the authority to make appropriate exceptions to these standards. If your attire has an exception to the above, you should check with the Meet Referee.

Championship Meet Attire

In championship meet environments, attire for preliminary and championship sessions may vary. The Meet Referee has the authority to choose what attire should be worn for what sessions.

For example, a Meet Referee may decide that for prelims, attire will be Standard Officials Attire with any of its variations. For finals, he/she may decide on long navy blue slacks with an Hawaiian shirt.

Each Meet Referee has access to the CCS blast email function and will send an email out indicating what the attire will be for that particular meet. If you are planning to attend a championship meet, make sure you check your email. If there is no email forthcoming from the Meet Referee, than use the Standard Officials Attire guide.