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Stroke & Turn Judge Training

Form/Document for Procedure:
Stroke & Turn Training Packet

The primary function of all officials is to ensure "fair and equitable competition." The way a Stroke & Turn Judge performs this function is to ensure that all competitors comply with the technical rules of the event in which they are competing. CCS and USA Swimming have adopted the philosophy that all competitors, regardless of age (from the 5 year old to the national champion), must conform to the technical rules.

If you wish to become an official, you will start as a Stroke & Turn Judge. Training to become a Stroke & Turn Judge consists of studying the technical rules for the strokes and relays, working a minimum of 6 sessions as a trainee on-deck with a series of certified officials and passing (80% score or better) an online multiple choice test. The number of on-deck training sessions can vary by individual. Some trainees are more comfortable with one or more additional sessions.

To begin training, you need only come to a swim meet prepared to train. You should be in appropriate attire (click Return to Officials Index on the left and then Officials Attire) and be there at least an hour before the meet starts (there is always an officials briefing starting any where from 45 minutes to an hour before the start of the meet). You should report to the Meet Referee who, during warm-ups, is generally at the starting table and let that person know you wish to begin training.

Prior to coming to your first session, you should print out the Stroke & Turn Training Packet (the link is at the top of this page) and bring it with you. At the meet, if they are available, you will be given a mini-rule book. If they are not available, you can print a copy of the pertinent sections of the rule book from a PDF file posted on the USA Swimming website.

  • USA Swimming's url is www.usaswimming.org

  • Click the Volunteers tab

  • Click the Officials link on the left

  • Click the Rules & Regulations link that appears below the Officials link.

  • Locate the current mini-rule book link and click that link.

  • Once the document is loaded to your browser, print Article 101. That article contains the technical rules for the strokes and relays.

At any time you are comfortable with the rules and wish to take the test, you may do so on the USA Swimming Website (click Return to Officials Index on the left and then Officials Tests).

Also, at any time that you feel comfortable that you wish to be a certified official, but before you can be certified, you will need to join USA Swimming, either as an athlete or non-athlete member. Most officials are non-athlete members, but if you are a Masters swimmer training with a USA Swimming club, you would register as an athlete member for insurance purposes. (You need NOT be registered twice. Only athlete coaches need to be registered twice.)