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Recruitment of Officials

USA Swimming Volunteer Officials

Central California Swimming (CCS), the local governing body for USA Swimming in the San Joaquin Valley, is looking for volunteers who would be interested in becoming officials to assist in the conduct of swimming competition in central California. Officials not only conduct swim meets for USA Swimming, but also they assist other organizations, such as high schools and recreation leagues, conduct their meets as well. Consistency of meet conduct throughout the area is critical to making the sport of swimming an enjoyable experience for our athletes. In order to maintain this high level of consistency, CCS is trying to add 30 to 40 new volunteer officials to its ranks. In so doing, CCS can better meet the needs of the sport as well as provide a fun and rewarding experience for its volunteers. If you would be interested in becoming an official, please review the following information and contact Renee Patterson as noted below.


USA Swimming Registration (2005 fees):

  • $52.00 annual non-athlete registration fee (individual membership)

  • $90.00 annual non-athlete registration fee (family membership)

  • Registration after September 1 is valid through December of the following year. USA Swimming Rule Book is included with "official" registration.


  • If you are already a member of USA Swimming as an athlete, coach or administrator, paying the registration fee is not necessary.


Orientation & Clinic:

  • Attend a clinic. A number of clinics are offered annually in various locations. Plan on attending at least one. Training materials will be provided as well as time for on-deck training.

On Deck:

  • Stroke & turn trainees shall work a minimum of 6 sessions with a certified official.

  • A variety of meets are planned for the summer and fall.

  • Attend the pre-meet briefing 1 hour prior to the start of each meet (session).

Other Expectations:

  • Age - minimum of 18 years of age.

  • Attire - solid navy blue skirt, shorts or pants, white collared shirt & white shoes.

  • Attitude - J, willing to volunteer & dedicated

  • There will be an opportunity for session review with trainer & trainee.

  • Test - open book.

Certification - after successfully completing training and test.


On Deck:

  • Officials are welcome to work any CCS meet they attend.

  • Officials shall work a minimum of 4 meets per year.

  • Attend the pre-meet briefing 1 hour prior to the start of each meet (session).


  • Every two years officials shall attend a clinic and take an open book test.

  • For recertification an official shall work a minimum of 4 meets per year.


  • USA Swimming offers 3 levels of certification: local, National & National Championship.

  • CCS offers officials the opportunity to continue their training for positions such as chief judge, starter, deck referee, administrative referee & meet referee.

Other Expectations:


  • Free lunch!