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Central California Club Achievement Program

(Formerly Senior Travel Fund)


2018-19 Time Standards

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Seasons: Summer Season (Apr 1-Aug 31) and Spring Season (Sept 1- Mar 31)

Deadline for Reimbursement: Day after the end of the season (Sept 1 and Apr 1)



Swimmers must be registered with a CCS team and be training for a CCS team to be eligible for achievement funds.

Swimmers may compete attached or unattached (UN-CC).

Swimmers who have represented CCS for less than 6 months and are in their first “season” being declared by a CCS club will only receive 50% allotted Shares for that season.

Swimmers must attend at least two swim meets representing the club during each season, one of which must be a CCS sanctioned swim meet.

College swimmers may only be declared in the Summer Season and must represent CCS at a summer championship meet to receive funding (Futures Championships, USA Jr Nationals, USA Sr Nationals, Olympic Trials, World Champ Trials or US Open); Sectionals will not qualify as a championship meet for college athletes. The above swim meet requirement applies to college swimmers as well (two meets - one of which must be within CCS).

College athletes who moved into CCS for college (did not represent CCS at least one year prior to college) are only eligible for 50% allotted Shares. Post Grad who moved into CCS will receive 50% allotted Shares for their first 3 seasons (this can be done during college years), then 100% thereafter.

College and Post Grad athletes are only eligible for Gold funding. These athletes will be defined as anyone who has begun their first semester of college (community college or four-year university) or is at least the age of 19 on the last day of the “season,” whichever comes first. A college athlete is further defined as anyone enrolled at a college as a member of their swim team - these athletes will be ineligible for the Spring Season. Post Grads, or anyone who has exhausted their collegiate eligibility, are eligible for both seasons.

An athlete is only eligible for their highest level of achievement and cannot be declared for multiple levels.


Time Standards:

Time standards will be adjusted and presented to the CCS Board of Directors every other year (odd years) between Summer and Spring seasons (August). Standards shall be implemented on April 1 of the following year. Standards are based on the following:

Gold - Summer Junior National Cuts

Silver - Average between Gold and Bronze Cuts or Winter Junior National Cuts (slower)

Bronze - Futures Cuts

Time Standards must have been achieved in the 18 month period prior to application due date. Times do not have to have been achieved while representing the current declaring club.


Fund Distribution:

Gold - 8 Shares

Silver - 5 Shares (2 Shares for 50% funding)

Bronze - 2 Shares

Shares will be determined based on the approved budget proposed by the CCS Board of Directors and approved by the CCS House of Delegates prior to the start of the Spring Season (Sept 1). The amount of each share will remain the same for both Spring and Summer Seasons of the fiscal year and will be reevaluated each year in the new budget.


Coaches Achievement:

A club can earn achievement funding for coaches based on total number of athletes achieving time standards. A club will accumulate points based each athlete on the club’s application with the following structure: each Gold Athlete - 8 pts; Silver Athlete - 4 pts; Bronze Athlete - 2 pts.

The following point levels will determine each club’s Coaches’ Achievement Fund:

40 pts - 3 Shares

30 pts - 2 Shares

20 pts - 1 Share


Olympic Trials Athlete Bonus:

For each Olympic Trial participant, the club can also request an additional $500 during the respective Season Olympic Trials in competed. This bonus can only be given to athletes that have been a part of the Club Achievement Program for 3 prior seasons**. There is no partial bonus, and the athlete must have competed at Olympic Trials to be eligible for the bonus.

**Since the program will be new for 2016 Olympic Trials, the eligibility will require that the athlete must have represented CCS for 2 years (College and Post Grad athletes that moved into CCS must have represented CCS for 3 years).



Club Achievement awards will be processed within a month (scheduled for distribution on Oct 1 and May 1). Applications received after the distribution date will not be considered. Applications received during the “late grace period” will considered based on remaining available funds. Applications need to be completed and signed by a team representative. Please do not send in individual athlete applications.

All reimbursements will be distributed to the current swim club in which each athlete is training at the time of reimbursement. To declare a transfer athlete, they must have represented your club at least once during the applicable season (time standard could have been achieved representing another club)

It is the club’s responsibility to assure they follow all NCAA and amateurism rules while distributing funds directly to athletes (essentially - under current rules - funds given to an athlete cannot exceed their actual and necessary expenses)