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US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) Information

All athlete members of USA Swimming are subject to Anti-Doping rules and testing.

To ensure that they are in line with the rules all athletes should do the following:

  • Check the prohibited status of every medication that they put in their body via eyes, ears, nose, mouth, or skin (over the counter and prescription) at www.globaldro.com.
    • If the status is conditional and the athlete has a medical need to use the substance or method, they should contact USADA with any questions regarding if they are within the guidelines of the medication.
      • USADA may be reached via phone at 719-785-2000 option 2. Leave a voicemail and they will call back.
    • If the status is prohibited in-competition, or prohibited at all times, and the athlete has a medical need to use it, the athlete should complete a TUE pre-check form.
    • Particular brand names may not be in the database. They should try searching for the active ingredients found on the Drug Facts panel. If they can’t find the ingredients or they are not sure about the results, they can CLICK on the Ask a Question link on the Global DRO search results page or email [email protected]  
    • Please note, Global DRO does not contain information on, or that applies to, any dietary supplement or similar over the counter products such as homeopathic products, traditional medicines, herbals, and probiotics.
    • The WADA Prohibited List changes every year on January 1.  Athletes should re-check the status of all substances and methods yearly.
  • Visit Supplement Connect to ensure they are familiar with the impact the supplement industry has on anti-doping.
    • REALIZE there are safety issues with dietary supplements.
    • RECOGNIZE risk when they see it.
    • REDUCE their risk of testing positive and experiencing health problems
    • Athletes should review the High-Risk List to make sure their products are not included or made by a company that is listed.
    • Athletes should become familiar with the NSF Certified for Sport program.
  • Familiarize themselves with the information on the 2023 USADA Resource Card.


For more information visit US Anti-Doping Agency