Welcome to Central California Swimming!

Webmaster Job Description

We are looking for a skilled webmaster to manage our TeamUnify web presence.

The webmaster will be responsible for maintaining servers and ensuring websites are functional, user-friendly, visually pleasing, and up-to-date. Also will be responsible for maintaining the new LSC domain and main file storage location.*

Webmaster Responsibilities

  • Determining needs and requirements for website
  • Maintaining and testing aesthetic & function
  • Coordinating content with staff
  • Maintain and update weekly website content
  • Monitoring and analyzing site performance
  • Addressing and responding to user comments and complaints
  • Manage new Domain and LSC File storage
    • *Depending on Board Action to adopt a new domain and file storage location*

Registrar Job Description

A Registrar maintains and manages the USA Swimming registration process of athletes and corresponds with applicants. (as of 2022 each member must register themselves)

Registrar Responsibilities

  • Providing Support for all registrants
  • Processing all club renewals
  • Update all California and National training requirements as permitted for Adult Participants and Athletes in SWIMS
  • Coordinating registration recon for swim meets
  • Troubleshooting and solving athlete registration problems in a timely fashion
  • Performing clerical tasks such as keeping reports and records
  • Keeping athlete information confidential
  • Coordinate and respond to National communication and updates