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  1. CCS Records

    CCS will maintain LSC Records for both boys and girls as follows:
    1. Senior Events – Events identified in the USA Swimming Rule Book, Section 102.1.1 Senior Events

    2. Age Group Events – Events identified in the USA Swimming Rule Book, Section 102.1.2 Age Group Events (except for open water events).

    3. Short Course Age Groups – 8 & Under, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, Senior, 15-18 (relays only)

    4. Long Course Age Groups – 8 & Under, 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18, Senior.

    5. All CCS or USA Swimming records, age group and senior, must be made by a swimmer who is registered with CCS at the time of the record breaking swim. They can be registered with a club or as Unattached-CC. Short course and long course times and records will be based on swims from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. These times are to be submitted no later than thirty (30) days after the last day of competition and no later than September 15.

    6. All swimmers setting CCS records at meets in other LSC's must send verification of their times to the CCS Records Chairman within thirty (30) days of the event.

    7. Only individual swims from sanctioned, observed and approved meets will be considered for CCS Records and Central California Reportable Times (Top Five).

    8. CCS will consider for CCS records and Central California Reportable Times (Top Five) relay swims from any all-star meet at which CCS is fielding an all-star team, if all the swimmers on the CCS relay team could, at the time of the competition, represent one club. CCS will award the record or the Top Five time to the swimmers’ club of record.

    9. A CCS Top Five report shall be published monthly.

    10. For 25 yard times achieved by 8 & Under swimmers in out-of-LSC meets to be considered for CCS Records, notification must be sent to the CCS Records Corrodinator within thirty (30) of the completion of the meet. This information must include a link to the LSC meet results or the name, location and dates of the meet, along with the swimmer's information.

  1. Awards

    1. Volunteer of the Year: Nominations for volunteer of the year must contain a written resume of the person's contribution to swimming. The nominations will be considered and voted on by the Volunteer of the Year Committee; its choice is presented to the House of Delegates at the September meeting.

    2. Lifetime Service Award: Nominees for this award shall have contributed a lifetime of selfless dedication to CCS. Nominees shall be screened by the Board of Directors.

    3. There are three Swimmer of the Year (SOTY) award categories:

      1. Outstanding Senior Swimmer (male and female).

      2. CCS Alumnus Award (male and female).

      3. Age Group SOTY (male and female) - Single Age Groups, ages 9 to 16 years of age and 17-18 Age Group.

    4. The events used to calculate the age group award for all groups, except 8 & Under, will be those events officially recognized in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations (102.1.2) with the exception of the open water events.

    5. In the case of a single swimmer achieving the highest point total in two age groups, the swimmer can be awarded the SOTY in both age groups.

    6. Point system for age group awards is:

      1. 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 (top 5 in CCS).

      2. Plus points for achieving a National Top 10 Recognition Award as follows:

        1. 1st - 12 points

        2. 2nd - 9 points

        3. 3rd - 8 points

        4. 4th - 7 points

        5. 5th - 6 points

        6. 6th - 5 points

        7. 7th - 4 points

        8. 8th - 3 points

        9. 9th - 2 points

        10. 10th - 1 point

      3. Plus 15 points for achieving a National Age Group Record.

      4. If a tie occurs duplicate awards will be given.

    7. Top 5 in CCS will be tabulated based on official times in the USA Swimming SWIMs Database. It is the swimmers responsibility to review those entries and correct any errors or omissions by submitting proof of times to the Records Chair by September 15.

    8. Award selection for Senior Awards- selected by Awards Committee consisting of the Senior Swimming Chairman, Records Chairman, Coaches Representative, Age Group Chairman and Senior Athlete Representative. Swimmers eligible for the CCS Outstanding Senior awards must be registered USA Swimming members and have represented a CCS club or Unattached-CC during the equalifying period of the award for a minimum of two swim metts. At the time of the swims, the senior swimmer must be registered with CCS. They can be registered with a club or as Unattached-CC Consideration will be given for placing at National Championships, World Games Trials, Olympic Trials, Pan-Am Trials and National Team Competition. If no senior swimmer is available, then awards go to Junior National participants. In the case of multiple Junior National participants, the award would go to the individual with the highest single performance.

    9. Award selection for the CCS Alumnus Award

      1. The awards will be made to high school graduates who participated in a minimum of 2 years of competition as a registered CCS swimmer during the swimmers' high school years.

      2. Coaches from all CCS teams can nominate individuals based on the swimmers' performance from the qualifying period and the Awards Committee will determine the award recipients.