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Clarification Of The Rules Of Entry Times For All CCS Sanctioned Swim Meets.

  1. To ensure seeded positions, the BEST COMPETITIVE TIME of each competitor must be submitted for each event.
  2. A best competitive time means the fastest time achieved by a competitor in a particular stroke and distance (ex: 100 Fly) swum in a sanctioned, approved or observed meet, time trial, or other competition held by a recognized swimming organization.
  3. A time trial is a competition held by an individual club for the purpose of establishing competitive entry times. It is recommended that time trials be conducted under a standard meet format with swimmers competing against each other. A minimum of three (3) times should be taken per lane

Meets Limited By The Standard Categories

  1. A competitor may enter only events in meets in which his best competitive time is equal to or better than the minimum time established for that category. (ex: "A" swimmers enter the "A" category.)
  2. A competitor may not enter an event in a category which his or her best competitive time is faster than the minimum time of the next higher category. (ex: A swimmer who has achieved an "A" time in a particular event may not swim that event in the "B" category.)
  3. In combined category meets where team awards or individual high point trophies are offered, time categories are not to be considered in establishing point scoring.

Enforcement Of Best Competitive Time Standards

  1. All irregularities concerning entry times should be resolved as much as possible by the Meet Entry Chairman; preferably well before the meet begins. When proof of times are required, they may be placed on the back of the Entry Card. However, if a protest concerning an entry time is filed, the protest shall be filed with the Meet Referee. All USA Swimming and CCS protest rules shall govern. Established proof shall be by the protestant.
  2. Should a contestant entry time be established as fraudulent, the swimmer shall not be permitted to swim the event. If the contestant has swam the event, any awards, team points or points toward high point trophies will be taken away from the swimmer and awarded to the next fastest swimmer according to their new placing. Entry fees are non-refundable.
  3. Should a contestant continually enter fraudulent times and ignore the rules, disciplinary action may be brought on the swimmer by the CCS Swim Committee.
  4. Time Standards Formulation
    1. For the following age groups, 10 & Under, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18:
      1. CCS has adopted the National Age Group Times – Top 16 Based B, AAA and AAAA motivational times.
      2. The CCS A/JO times are calculated to be the National A time reduced by 1/3 the interval between the National A time and the National B time.
      3. The CCS AA times are calculated to be the National A time.
    2. For the 8 & Under age group:
      1. CCS will maintain the following time standards B, BB, JO Q and A.
      2. All times are the same for boys and girls.
      3. All times are developed by the Technical Planning Committee.
    3. CCS Zone Qualifying Times
      1. Zone Qualifying Times published by the Western Zone are established to draw sufficient participants to fill all events. As such, these times become slower with older age groups because these age groups become more and more difficult to fill.
      2. CCS has established a policy that older swimmers must be held to the same standards as their younger teammates.
      3. For any event in a particular age group, the CCS Zone Qualifying Time will be the fastest Western Zone Qualifying time for that event in that age group or any younger age group.
      4. Example #1: For the Girls 1500 M Freestyle, if the official Western Zone LCM Qualifying times were: 19:00.49 for 13-14, 19:12.19 for 15-16, and 20:15.29 for 17-18, then the CCS Zone Qualifying Times for this event would be 19:00.49 for 13-14, 19:00.49 for 15-16, and 19:00.49 for 17-18.
      5. Example #2: For the Girls 50 M Freestyle, if the official Western Zone LCM Qualifying times were: 29.09 for 13-14, 28.99 for 15-16, and 30.29 for 17-18 then the CCS Zone Qualifying Times for this event would be 29.09 for 13-14, 28.99 for 15-16, and  28.99 for 17-18.