Welcome to Central California Swimming!

Board Position Name Year Elected Term Length   Email Address
General Chair Ashlee Coleman 2022 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Admin Vice Chair Jason Ricablanca 2021 2 Years Even [email protected]
Finance Vice Chair Jim Patterson 2021 2 Years  Odd [email protected]
Coach Rep Tammy Kudela 2020 2 Years Even [email protected]
Sr. Athlete Rep Alison McDougal 2020 2 Years Even [email protected]
Jr. Athlete Rep Alexis Naranjo  2022 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Secretary Patrice Hildreth 2021 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Treasurer Mike Carpenter 2022 2 Years Odd [email protected] 
Senior Vice Chair Mark Bennett 2021 2 Years Even [email protected]
Age Group Vice Chair Sunny Olson 2021 2 Years Even [email protected]
Safe Sport  Ashlee Coleman 2020 2 Years Odd [email protected]
DEI Coord Kacy Ota 2021 2 Years Even [email protected]
Disability  Blake Adams 2020 2 Years Even [email protected]
Officials Chair Taylor Kahn 2021 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Sanctions Coord Toni Lambert 2019 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Technical Planning Joclyn Thiessen 2021 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Membership Coord Tammy Kudela 2022 2 Years Even [email protected]
Records Coord Jackson Buyers 2021 2 Years Odd [email protected]
At Large Athlete Rep Open   2 Years    
At Large Athlete Rep Open   2 Years    
Webmaster Taylor Kahn 2022 2 Years Odd [email protected]
Governance Comm Ch Bree Wilbur 2022 3 Years    [email protected] 
Senior Travel Coord Shawn Holbrook       [email protected]
Immediate Past GC Mike Carpenter 2017     [email protected]
Michelle Kroll 2021 [email protected] 
*** = positions which are elected in “odd” years and are being appointed in 2022 for the remaining year of a 2-year term.  Will then be eligible to be elected for an additional two full 2-year terms.