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Treasurer's Request for Check

Form/Document for Procedure:

The CCS Treasurer is responsible for the proper disbursement of CCS funds, but does not really have the authority to do so on his own volition. That authority belongs to the various CCS officers who have budget responsibilities. They can authorize expenditures, but cannot disburse funds.

The Request For Check form and process is basically a communication mechanism between a CCS officer who has budget authority and the Treasurer. Generally, an officer will communicate, via the Request For Check form, that funds need to be disbursed and for what purpose. In some instances, an offier will authorize another individual to expend CCS funds, and that person will expend his own money and need reimbursement. That individual will initiate a Request For Check process, forward it to the authorizing officer, who, upon approving it, will forward it to the Treasurer.

Each request for funds disbursement is to be accompanied by the Request For Check form. Any receipts that are to be reimbursed or invoices that are to be paid must be attached. The signature of the officer who has budget authority for the expenditure must be on the form.