Welcome to Central California Swimming!

  1. Objective:

    1. Shall be to promote and develop swimming in CCS and to help develop a better working relationship with high school, recreation and swimming in general

  1. Limitation:

    1. Timing system shall be used only when not scheduled for use at a CCS meet.

    2. Limit use to special swim meets: Division Final, League Final, Time Trials and Finals.

    3. CAN be set up on a rotational basis.

    4. Must be a CCS qualified operator available at the time of the meet.

  1. Requirements:

    1. The Referee and/or Starter should have a basic working knowledge of the timing system.

    2. There must be a complete working relationship with Referee, Starter, and manual-electric operator.

    3. Costs:

      1. $30.00 per day for Colorado timing system.

      2. $10.00 per day use of CCS watches.

      3. $10.00 per day for Starting System.

      4. $10.00 per hour for operator of the timing system.

  1. Management:

    1. The Property Chairman shall advise the CCS Board, who will have final say as to the use of the timing system.

    2. When immediate problems occur, the Property Chairman and two (2) other members of the Swim Committee will have authority to solve them, provided the above mentioned recommendations are met.